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Not since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games has such high class fencing been seen on Australian pistes. The athletes competing at the Commonwealth Fencing 2002 are the best in the Commonwealth.

Action will show that unique fencing blend of the fast and furious, yet the tactical and technical.

Winners will be crowned Commonwealth Champions and be awarded medals struck by the Commonwealth Fencing Association.

This is your chance to see them: 200 individual athletes in 42 teams from 12 Commonwealth countries... up close and in full flight…

Why Not the Commonwealth Games?

Fencing has been in every modern Olympic Games, and was included in the Commonwealth/Empire Games from 1950 to 1970.

Even though it is no longer in the Commonwealth Games program, the tradition of competition between Commonwealth fencing nations continues, through the work of the Commonwealth Fencing Federation (CFF).

The Commonwealth Fencing Championships are held every four years, as are the Commonwealth Games, and are sanctioned by the Commonwealth Games Federation.


The Commonwealth Fencing Championships consists of Individual and Team events for all the three weapons: foil, sabre and epee.

The Wilkinson Sword Trophy is awarded to the Nation with the best overall results.

Commonwealth Champions

Commonwealth Champions in Fencing receive official Commonwealth Games medals.

The medals received by Champions at CF2002 will have exactly the same front side as those at the Commonwealth Games. The reverse reflects the organisation of the event by the Commonwealth Fencing Federation and the host city of Newcastle.

Current Commonwealth Champions (from Kuala Lumpur in 1998) are:

Wilkinson Sword: England

Men's Individual
: Seamus Robinson (AUS)
Women's Individual: Evelyn Halls (AUS)
Men's Team: Australia
Women's Team: Australia

Men's Individual:
Donnie McKenzie (SCO)
Women's Individual: Eloise Smith (ENG)
Men's Team: England
Women's Team: England

Men's Individual:
Ian Williams (ENG)
Women's Individual: Louise Bond-Williams (ENG)
Men's Team: England
Women's Team: England



Member countries may send five fencers per weapon per gender. Each of these fencers may compete in the relevant individual event. Team events consist of three fencers plus one reserve. The team manager selects the team from the permitted five fencers, and may vary the team as desired between matches.


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