2002 Challenge Australian 2009 - World Cup Epee

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International Fencers

Entries for Challenge Australia must be made by official bodies, through the FIE website.

Instructions on the process are in the online User Guide (.pdf document), which is available in French, English or Spanish.

Australian Fencers

The preferred entry method for Australian fencers is by credit card, via the online entry form. Before proceeding to enter online please read carefully the Terms & Conditions of nomination and note the critical requirements and dates.

If you are unable to apply online or do not have a credit card then you must contact the Secretary General AFF Inc, Andrew Ius, to arrange entry and payment method:
- Email: aff_secgen@hotmail.com
- Fax: (03) 9397 8113
- Mail: 64 Princes Street Williamstown VIC 3016
You must observe all due dates detailed

Terms and Conditions (Australian Entries)

Your nomination cannot be accepted until payment is made. Nominations close at midnight on Friday 24 April 2009

Do you hold an FIE licence 2008/2009? If you already hold a 2008-09 FIE licence, have it ready & please provide the number. 

Please note that online payment is by Credit Card only. You will need your card and will pay through a secure Credit Card payment. If you do not have a Credit Card, you must contact the Secretary General AFF Inc, Andrew Ius, to arrange entry and payment method.

You will need to satisfy the following:


  1. I am currently affiliated with a State Association.
  2. I understand that my nomination will be subject to the current AFF Selection Policy and that I will be advised by email of the outcome of my nomination by 1 May 2009.
  3. If I am not selected to compete or be a reserve, I understand that my entry fee will be refunded in full after the 16th May 2009.
  4. If I am selected to compete, I will ensure that I have a 2008-09 FIE licence by 12 May using the relevant form from the AFF website
  5. If I withdraw before 12th May I understand my entry fee will be refunded and if available a reserve will be contacted to replace me as an entrant.
  6. If I withdraw after the 12th May but before the 18th May, except with a medical certificate, I understand I will forfeit my entry fee.
  7. If I am selected, and I withdraw after 18 May except with a medical certificate, I will pay a 500 euro fine per FIE Rule o.54.5. 


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