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Rules and Information

FIE Event Rules for Sydney 2007

The World Veterans' Fencing Championships are an FIE event for fencers aged 50 and over.

Download Rules in .pdf format Download Rules in .doc format FIE Event Rules for Sydney 2007
Download Rules in .pdf format   Amendment to uniform and equipment requirements


The Championships consist of individual men's and women's events in all three fencing weapons (foil, epee and sabre). There is no team component to the Championships.


The participants will have to present the following documents at the time of the accreditation:


Medical certificate
In terms of the Rules, competitors must provide a Medical Certificate, signed by a registered medical practitioner, clearing the participant to engage in vigorous physical activity. These certificates must be presented at registration.
Suggested simple wording is: “I confirm that (athlete full names) is fit to participate in the World Veterans’ Championships in Sydney during September 2007", with doctor's details and signature.

Discharge of Responsibility
In accordance with the rules for wvfc07, it is a requirement of entry that all participants sign a disclaimer accepting their own responsibility for participation. Delegations may pre record this to present at registration by using the Liberation/Discharge form.

FIE Licence

All participants must be licensed fencers for the season 2006/2007 at the time of entry.

Doping Control

FIE rules do not require mandatory testing at the World Veterans’ Championships. Delegations are reminded that World Anti-Doping Code article 15.1 regarding International Events such as International Federation World Championships states that:

“If the international organization decides not to conduct any Testing at such an Event, the National Anti-Doping Organization for the country where the Event occurs may, in coordination with and with the approval of the international organization or WADA, initiate and conduct such Testing”

Accordingly it is possible that testing may take place.

All competitors must therefore refrain from using any over-the-counter drugs or nutritional supplements that may contain prohibited substances and risk causing them to test positive for doping.


Delegations should ensure that all competitors hold, and bring with them, the prescriptions for medications containing any listed (prohibited) substances that they are taking for therapeutic purposes so that Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) applications can be processed if required.

Age Categories

Participants will be divided into two groups according to the age appearing on their passport. A fencer may fence in one category only:

  • Category A: 50 to 59 years old at September 1st 2007
  • Category B: 60 years old and more at September 1st 2007


FIE medal for the winner in each category.

Gold, silver and two bronze medals, as well as diplomas, for each category.


Qualifying round pools of 6 or 7 fencers, bouts of 5 hits of 3 minutes. The number of fencers eliminated by the pools may not be lower than 20 % nor higher than 30 % of the total number of participants.

After the pools, direct elimination of 10 hits, 2 rounds of 3 minutes, with one minute break between each round; in sabre 1 minute break after 5 hits.

A consolation round is planned for eliminated fencers in the first round. If there are fewer than 10 fencers in a category: single pool.

For a more detailed explanation, see the format page.


The number of entries per federation is limited to four (4) per country, age group, and weapon.

Written entries must be made to the organisers by the National Federation of each participant before August 24, 2007, deadline.

Entries are made by completing and emailing/faxing the entry form.

Entry Fee

The FIE has approved an entry fee of €80 per participant/weapon.

The fee is payable at accreditation in cash in EURO or an equivalent in AUD.


Participating delegations must be accompanied by the number of A or B category referees with valid FIE license 2006/2007, provided for in article o.81 of the rules:

  • 1-4 fencers = no obligation
  • 5-9 fencers = 1 referee
  • 10 or more fencers = 2 referees

Equipment of fencers

The personal equipment of the fencers must comply to the FIE rules.

FIE Uniform and equipment regulations for World Championships apply i.e. FIE Blades, Uniforms, Names, etc. A guidance document will be issued in June. Clarification of a number of issues (including homologated uniforms, logos and socks) may be found in Information Bulletin #3, and an amendment regarding National Logos (not required) in Information Bulletin #4.

The transparent mask is obligatory at sabre competitions. A control of the equipment will take place the day before each of the competition events.

Download the Guide to Equipment Requirements (Word document)

Travel and stay

Travelling, accommodation and boarding expenses are the responsibility of the participants.

Please see the accommodation suggestions on this website.

As the event is in a major sporting precinct the organisers suggest that you make your booking arrangements as soon as is possible.


In the months leading up to the Championships, a number of information circulars will be sent out to the member Federations. All circulars will also be made available from this website.

More Information

Use the side links on this page for general information about fencing weapons, scoring equipment, competition format and fencing terms.

2006 Championships DVD

A DVD of the World Veterans Fencing Championships which took place in Bath in September 2006 has been produced by Richard Bonehill on behalf of the NVA. Consisting of 9 tracks, the DVD includes extensive unseen footage of the event in addition to a 95 page results file which shows every competitor's performance at the championships.

50% of the profits of the DVD will be donated to the National Veterans Association.

Price £15 (plus postage - Australia add £2 please)

Click here for ordering details



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