খেলাযোগ ২৪ জুলাই | Khelajog | Sports News | Ekattor TV

খেলাযোগ ২৪ জুলাই | Khelajog | Sports News | Ekattor TV

[Applause] – Artie I mean if I'm Roman Sheila and I posted him at City voted to all up to be shashikala one day city pays bowling near Coppola cinta parts bungler coating departmental head coach Khalid Mohammed children Bolton did over a performance do Shintaro jaga shoppers who pay Schofield cascada now Kalamata gays cefalu burger Parton report : dude in practice report practice Matt skillet a tiger adidas a good man who rode all K bits from the a city management of a hotel room a boon DT Laura in a public appear a buy here a bit hotep arenak now a fitness training that he called at a hotel a gym our swimming pool a policeman was shootin Epcot Johny Aton it all hit bottom on August are winning is a habit I'm afraid I'm gonna girly talk of the joy I was not what she important holiday England occasional today the condition herself and I video by Mozilla to me 4 o Madhava Maharaja gaya again they had this mental Holloway a practitioner of hollow for a child monopoly I'm a 272 comfortably tasteful examine every agency but Imelda comfortable Salaam margin me pseudonym boxxy batting order was very important about agenda so shop in ammonia college is a good winner gonna divert auto-ship fast makida get a moral buildup betting a middle order in performance presumption Korea say over protein oider to study matches doors over a bowling cinta body 'it's a date bullying type robbery no joke Bangladesh adieu volatile Nana's from a hot ticket for Scott's a match team management boom bulbous shape have naughty squad a ticket said Pacers refugee be encouraged a beautiful wicked bad attitude so pure experience I'm a deaf bowling Network to develop all sanity I'm not a very conservative I think they fulfill that calling a VPN own and operate a few tomorrow for a change Isana if his faith in Muhammad algorithms option for open hand washable so very clever the function that he would say now one cafe to for Mary Sarah but for appalling daanyik to console Bangor coach job who needs dollar protocol Cunha catapult Ceylon top fully by ATK hotel phillotson Lankan hosted ciang tu caja to do sing hey t care poori carry Irish one big healthy squad a joke DHN Lasith Malinga shoot revoir bang mother she'll be focused series arrow to move on d'they cricket cake goodbye Jonathan you have to actually eat Arouca paster cyfle to poke a Couture Colombo Sri Lanka Bangladesh abhi baaki series a pro so mats the a pony robots Rwanda carrier could be the gentleman Lankan speedster Lasith Malinga sheesh mats a pro typically Shabana the skipper crypto a your car Master meter Agra college action etc nadir or Bangladesh near bobner Kota tiger did you know the SNP chip or Omashu Sri Lanka Lasith Malinga Mucca Mucca veteran trucker me – i'm shaboots they can watch a Ruben I react a match for 18 evolving goodbye initial Inga Joaquim otavalo happily Hotel batsman there could say for us to one day cricket is from the Schomburg good opponent of Boxford mark Takai the pooja got say after bond on a camel act see me dive a lie mother Kali would put a deal on a cross I am really happy Manu sneaky ot sugar high pot or malinger Toshiba that a cat or should I hope lankan the treaty shall bow chicka chickabee a pacer bellusci Bangladesh key regional treaty coup de belem Toronto Berlin I have a good fans for the ELSA because I paid Bangladesh Premier League Bangladesh Amarone boom – it's a corona me ppl Kinte she can agree Etsy shop ciabatta chicken a mammal fast bowling coach champaka ramen Agassi Shyam are shops from I dig her garage sale Bangladeshi Juno shoe jackets a tatami cushy HRV moniker in Bangladesh ionic fruity Bowman – room pero si J toda cricketer Bobby shows are you John hobby before that also he did really good job for the day I pass bolus a fee plane hundred percent commitment ability of the custard shot of her commitment D : tommy bahama color sample age anomaly new me to constantly Mr curry potato machi Akuma knocked away perform code please actually calorie uncle IRA shop Kuchipudi Sri Lankan cricket ke any internal franchisee cricketer Amrish woody front educated by the image I could in a canal come under cricketing Dooku Takei am recruit Tony Bishara Shimano shaman Ducati win their franchises no – mwah – mm Corporon hooli aru the art of the death bullying at talk map our poetry spots Urvashi Malinga a keyboard she Bangladeshi damage trophy teeny choke on Jackson Mashka knee a keep Hudson he did so many theme for the bank that this we come to the cricket of Holocaust Akiko to have a talk like this debate she Bangladeshi to Nanak each record say a beam on equality are a girl what should kill the body Bona disputed you know she only special which we could expose Bangladesh triggered a gorilla that you've Airy much let's talk jermonta and Lasith Malinga action Paulo pacer a detection fallow pricket a suitable a warning me she died – she'll dedication takateru moon bangladesh donít pay said did you know a message sturdy reclaim a key show me much stuff even more to say water Berlin I wanted to act to get their watch for March IV hello challenge a deeper an ambitious a Lasith Malinga sham shoe boot a Couture Sri Lanka Pema does a stadium a needed protein they will prosper be sheriff Ellis of Sri Lanka aim at a hotel onyx sugar sweetie at salon convict in the tiger hakuna mutata amate join the company Sri Lanka prema the stadium take a mystery Georgia Nancy and I want to show call me if there's some so Gooch charge but did you let's say or touch my mother's eyes stadium a floodlight you let's say Bangladesh Sri Lanka pin Towanda tint a Hawaii prema the size stadium a pink tomato B flat like a relative Bangladesh doll Akana she alone is overflowing with the Bahraini Salonga proton barometer at initial on court said it is Sri Lanka home of cricket a matter o TT the Arun Foucault God gives us we tha Sri Lanka this director interesting information Judy they chicken a package I see Lanka tasty tea I shall shop TB she knows trabajan nor and casillo a Marty who should either she or don't do new pre-owned ahoy Toby Hoyt Oh Haruka to reassure God say Putin Wanda take long Kandra before it a Bangladesh dog into sugar called sit in a salon Carmody – Optima she aim at emasculate a tiger like him to a conclusion da Cunha Georgia kabini table a hottie I reacted in from whether it's a shady need chew on the post of the shochet Tom boom Tommy made all his joy another comeback ball Pollock pitch I've been in some trouble pre mother's a cricket stadium Colombo Sri Lanka English condition ethereal konna toko shalt ami Mizuno Calvet say be suga baron Hirai bougatsa the cherubim are Tommy mcmalley short selection air bullsháá low back Kakori Kaptur Keynesian the Shrew no Thomas chela coachman utility the fretted stone exuberant over him October Tata Docomo I should say oh you know okay but did I Tony Sri Lanka gets him Tommy McMahon who do know Akashi Tommy McKay Lanka Deepa dictation cricket guru Ozma lobbied in general mechanic in a weather didn't run karate can be successful it's Jake allocate April jump in est sheiter of ambitious rocket I am I'm gonna miss you Joe Bruni so I mean technically this is happen I'm putting my gratitude at the gate have a rapper or J attitude or the college a philosophy about that totem a guru Kudo chit-chatted with a ferocity oh you know okay partied I told Tommy mcmalley Genuity botch Okabe tau moniker in a cricket of start capital ceremony Oh I mean Charlie Shepard nibble on one hand I'm gonna a hot dog to shout jkirby midget midget hey Eric – milli dr. Aydin I think that Halloween holiday or batting the head of Capricorn even have a cake in baqara' Hudson Tiger their bowling coach Toronto Jota parashat as July a board meeting a Janet's in Milan the skateboard shop Athena's mullahs and baboon press conference a baboon ball and hit kotsky haben chatter Akhenaten and tahini opaque aroma Tahoe tabari erected ergo the trigger airport Janica hot reducing heavy iReport visible agenda chiloe head coach Cavallo Manos Jota Hebei Steve Rother Montes save voluminous pooja fellow Shippuden tub Hinata are Velata Keaney on todos VCB tie ball change we shook up a hobby bomb Pakistan matter agate cricketer there Donna patch dinner truTV excellent Steve Rhoads Auto Joe VC be lucky to kill vapor – John – inna it Oh be sure sure India Pakistan – Attica lavake talk on Judy shooting yet nor Clara you'd open up the dirt cheap tie laughter come on like this fast fast in Judy Dawa rest the Diwali actually daughter devon the dizziness how about you let us a buddy a shop gestured yoga pass it a skeptical Alicia was humbling I didn't know I'm the Nina be shush-shush big-ticket Oh Buster what a hollow couch door car head coach bullying even physio hit cotton he shop on ignite at chaotic Maruti Oh cricket border car onii-chan aegisub hotel kuch hota Abaddon quarantine heavyweight Carsten Tom moody our Mahalo 18 John a bar BC video pasando motorcoach Neoga poor moody Kirsten bad job anarchy to the aggregate Hakan Mahalo BC be shot adjusters to Groot to the a be Madonna court Ajay head coach enact a musical chair Hulu bullying coach a yoga on a tiny sheet OBC be do a Pakistani equips avid a bomb Walker you know sir agent visible shuttle jhagadu Karachi email Karachi South African King but auntie Alana Donald air agent John Angus a Bangladesh cricket boarded proton pasando Allan Donald spin coater Bali Akana portion terumah tro daniel victory a gentle yoga joker cotton each Tito ha gotcha shop sheesh coach Sunil Joshi Watson bhi na minha mean coach I'm DJ – had orthonormal possibly apply coroner Buddha Dhamma radiant a key or a gentleman to me possible try so shop digital job Louis J I'm Roger could see bullying coach is she Mohamed Yamba precious puja tool is she a mother harness at ecstatic I am on the board meeting a boss Hamlet act North Chester borough final he thundered opening jacottet shot he took the hook Nakano may at the Hobbit we had a TV show Kapoor junto idol of first approached on the tree a cat or do we met Harry prob ocean she joy de cabeza banished a cricket all Afghanistan the actual bystander shouts target action sugar ball a hot area shot we get the GTHA Bangladeshi Jojo gravitas Sarabeth Kootenai maneuverability day we get her Afghanistan adult boot Trish over a CR Bali shop got a wicked ha reaction by strand Chong locura Bangladesh rates are weak in Andhra he should target a bad cut enemy know very art Alisha and Quarantine we could hire a Bangladeshi Toby for the Mahmud or a fee for sin upon scepter and a Judy – Hodes joy paisa go Tigre – Ronnie operated the Chilean for the Mahmud doctor kept in Kate him a pious treaty cricket – lamented shardene aromatic honour the Cricket Association kid – wicked Harriet's ABC be a kadosh Bangalore emptiness Swami stadium 18 wicked actual run Nia treated in a colossal katakana tuck it in scoreboard arrow to shoot only son do karate just released an atomic honor trainings at the Basilica schedule no joy look o dhananjaya Sheeran sad man or Joe ruler opening juditha shorts target –top' keziah BCBA Kadosh Karnataka way back to go to shore go to action shuttle run current Manohar RBC be a commercial way about 2019 wicket football federation hormonally comedy Chairman Mahfouz the actor Kieran a bureau the showroom alma nobec eternal over Joe Cocker GAO Zilla may football at a terrible Jay Jay FA Cup and finally today Joe coracle tada heinie Kieran a sham Nepalese the hen ostagar awaits a meetin a monkey Khurana need – a final chocolate Ikaruga we're made their art Karaka with Zillow calmly put stadium an attic okay hope all on the report Elijah crow bar ferme la crystarium ad effect of corpora finally ammonium on obokata Ankara Hachinohe voltage e longitude go medic [Applause] I'm busy boy hello Erica Caronia finally with her poro final Canada Hanukkah no baku-pod a hint hunted pro tea body martini with saber Taco Bell dhila dhala clear topical area punishment with a body even tomato punishment whatever financial punishment with Americans were killed at the habanero record agree to you by logic mention government my machine you play a legit apartment do what you're already que lleva la Chiquita hunter I wonder you okay I'm only nine do we do with our ground quarry final Hilton not about which okay Babu velouté I need a red want to hurt the body without you at all great to know when to keep una right about the mural on Tito village and if deity to volodia ride you know die today today this gentleman of custom you love Elsa now Haggadah of the George W much [Applause] finally she gave her to ro and alone pootabot Hebei data key Georgia watchable footballer ha ha ha ha ha hecho to the mediator hormonal odor they cannot die cannibal Erica do but everything they own Asakura Dava Acuna Judy Hager are half by populating the father morally down here we shall add yogurt a cattleman total away BPL football do you call a draw it's a Takaoka program of ahora más arabic action new Kalahari at City Museum see Gopal ganja monkey geo-target joy at gali early 80s a sheikh Russell Toby Neal family tablished interpret activates a bush under a king so Marvin and sporting air mats in a shop Jai guru poonam at stern infirmary teshuvah nodule of chiloé immensity Karen Marvin Gaye holotape a Lenovo got a baby PLC depositor Sharpedo Bhushan Dora Kings table a Matsui to kirmada tamales today March chart a high footballer demands the Apple toss to be to karate Football Federation International Champions Cup a job it's a real Madrid Washington in inter to show my doodle ghoulish show motor-pod tiebreaker arsenal get indigo Lahari etsy Los Blancos International Champions Cup AC Milan kikuno Kalahari it's a Bayern Munich Newton cutter Odin a proton Matt Skelton em a hard shot Paloma lon Argentina Hakata be shocked Abbas a approximate skill departmental Anil Missy she shot a cop Amerika referring Nearpod to calm on topic or a Punisher dollar dream on a gun to have a tacky South American soccer governing body miss acacia us today German club – I'm taking about Shahrukh today Brazil forward as well in Tokyo dollar Tennessee Newcastle United tilted all bodily Newcastle can a pro Tom Keller buys bacha bazi Wellington pocket dolly a narco Balkrishna gonna say English captain though ruining footballer a transfer field Bishoy kitchen Ohana table a British humble madam Johnny a doll model HR quarter pounder motor karate got a motion me – I'm away poetry schmancy a guru goal quarantine e HL a more technological solution balloons and ecstatic Annika to her Facebook page even subscribe : Akari to generation but the tycoon Taku negatory

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  1. জারা টিম সিলেট করে এরা কি গাঁজা কাই কুথার বাচ্চা রা আজে বাজে খেলোয়াড় ঢুকিয়ে দেয়

  2. ফাহিম রহমান থাকলে খবর শুনতে দেখতে ভালো লাগে। সব সময় ফাহিম কে দেখতে চাই ৭১ টিভি চ্যানেলে

  3. দেশে সালাউদ্দিন স্যার মতো কোচ থাকতে বিদেশী কোচের কি প্রয়োজন,,আমি মনে করি

  4. দেশে সালাউদ্দিন স্যার মতো কোচ থাকতে বিদেশী কোচের কি প্রয়োজন,,আমি মনে করি

  5. Papon saheb please ar jai koren pak/ ind theke coach anben na. Bangladesh jodi kokhono valo khele tokhon era bolbe amra khela sikhiyechi . Tokhon khela dekhe kuno mojai pabo na. Karon indiar lok bangladesh niye faltu kotha beshi bole. Jara desher vahire thake tara valo jane.

  6. আমার মতে তিন নাম্বারে মাহাম্মুল্লাহ কে দেওয়া হোক আপনারা কি বলেন

  7. মেয়ে ফুটবলার দের লাঞ্ছিত করার তীব্র প্রতিবাদ জানাচ্ছি। 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  8. সুজন কে আমার একদম দেখতে মন চায় না। সে একটু বেশি বুঝে কি বলেন আমার সাথে এক মত কারা কারা লাইক দিন

  9. ভালো লাগার একটাই খবর 71 টিভির খেলাযোগ সংবাদ না দেখি থাকতে পারিনা টেলিভিশনে না হলে ইউটিউবে হলেও দেখি

  10. আমার মতে ফাস্ট বোলিং কোচ এর জন্য ওয়াকার ইউনুস এবং স্পিন এর জন্য ড্যানিয়েল ভেট্টরী পারফেক্ট হবে।

  11. যত জামেলা সুদু ফুটবলেই। এগুলো দেখার মত মানুস নাই

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