► CONFIRMED WEAPONS LIST! – Far Cry 5 (Recurve Bow, .44 Magnum & MORE!)

► CONFIRMED WEAPONS LIST! – Far Cry 5 (Recurve Bow, .44 Magnum & MORE!)

so with the reveal of far cry 5 of course we got to find out more about the game details on the villains have come to light with their likely being more than one this time around and I'll talk more about that in an upcoming video but today I wanted to discuss the weapons that we're going to be seeing in Far Cry 5 all of these references have been taken from the marketing material for the game or the trailers and the artwork that went live with the game revealed no doubt along the way we'll get some more information about other weapons that we can expect but for now these are the ones that have been shown off in the material that we have so far and jumping straight in then weapon number 1 the 1911 pistol one of my favourite weapons in the entire world and one that I always love to play with in every single video game I get my hands on this has seen a few references in the marketing material and probably one that's been most put out there so far here on the pre-order incentive screen for the game you can see the weapon has been skinned in this orange doomsday camo and here again in the deluxe bonus in another camo this doesn't mean the weapon is a DLC item though it appears that just the camos are the pre-order and bonus incentives next up we have the fp6 shotgun this is patented by heckler acock a german firearms company and in this image here it's being held by Mary Mae she's the barmaid at the whistling beaver in Hope County and one of the three players that you'll get to interact with in Far Cry 5 for variants of this shotgun were made and the intended use was with civilians and law enforcement weapon number three we have the 44 Magnum this is the revolver that's revealed during the character vignette of pastor Jerome when he speaks of his flock leaving him for the coal he feels he must become the wolf as opposed to Shepard and he doesn't seem to be messing around I think you can also see the same weapon a game in the key art here on the table weapon number for Caesar sticking with Rome actually this is the Remington 870 shotgun it's a pump-action shotgun and it's been in use since the 1950s no doubt Jerome has kept this baby safe and locked up in a cupboard somewhere in the shot he's got it laid out next to him potentially as a threat sign to any of the cult members who happen to come knocking at his door along with those two shotguns we seem to have two different double-barreled shotguns coming in far cry 5 one of them being short barreled and another full-length one and likely these are going to have some varying statistics one of them being much better at close range and one much better at longer range moving on to a couple of automatic weapons now weapon number seven is the AR see this appears to be a general ar-15 platform assault rifle and it can be seen hiding away behind a barrel on the key art a game and held in the hands of one of the other cult members seen on the left side of Joseph and next we have the m4 carbine again featured on the key art of the game this appears to be a return to the series for the weapon however it last featured in the original title and hasn't been seen since that's sure to make a few Far Cry veterans fairly happy Wars next we have a couple of SMGs weapon number nine is the scorpion a fast firing SMG that's likely going to be really good for those close quarters battles that you have with cult members and weapon number 10 is the mac-10 seen in a very blurry shot here but it's distinguished by that iconically long magazine protruding out the bottom next we have some quick fire melee weapons we've got the sledgehammer seen here on the key art for the game the pitchfork the Ubisoft have mentioned is in the game but I can't actually find an image of it and the baseball bat all making their way into Far Cry 5 although I'm hoping for some more options later down the road rumor is you can actually throw the pitchfork into enemies if you want to sounds very interesting we also appear to have a glimpse here at some sort of hunting rifle it's apparently called the MVP according to various websites have it listed as another exclusive weapon skin item for the game I'm sure there will be a few more rifles as well but this is the only one we've seen so far and lastly some gadget type stuff RPGs are confirmed from the key our image of course grenades and finally no Far Cry is complete without it now the recurve bow you can hunt all of that big game off in the countryside in complete silence if you want to as to how all of these weapons are actually going to be distributed we don't know at the moment and as I said at the start we have to remember this is just an initial list more likely to be revealed in the upcoming months and no doubt we'll see some more after e3 when gameplay is apparently going to be revealed thanks very much for watching let me know what you think of all of these down below in the comments section and maybe leave some of your own suggestions for other weapons that could be added to Far Cry 5 but until next time my name is Wesley and I'll catch you guys in a next video you

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  1. Anyone know how to unlock recurve bow? It says that I have to achieve 5 points of resistance, but I can't really find out how to get those points. Thank you

  2. Um, ACKCHYUALLY, that's a compound bow, I can't rn, omgg, I'm like so freekin TRIGGERED rn, I just can't.

  3. im really looking forward to alot of customization of guns. also they better bring back the vector and the m14. and id love to see the scorpion evo in the game.

  4. In order to know all the weapons that that are in the game as of now, you'd have to see all available videos. There's also knife throwing.
    They said this game will have the largest weapons roaster. Which makes me very giddy. I know that the semi automatic 50 cal sniper rifle, the SA-50 will return.

  5. They should add deagle50 AWP AK47 spas12 50.calBMG m1 garand g18 combat knife m34 grenade m134 minigun GL94 grenade launcher pp bizon ak74u colt44magnum motlolov coctail makarov dragunov svd & much much more!!!!

  6. I like that they're taking advantage of the American setting and having guns from the US here. It would'a been easy to just recycle the weapons of Kyrat but they went the extra mile 😀

  7. THATS NOT the mbp sniper. The one in the video thats a hunting rifle, The MBP is a dlc weapon only available thru gold edition of farcry5

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