🏆Top 9 Best Fight – Taekwondo VS KickBoxing and Now You Understand !!!

🏆Top 9 Best Fight – Taekwondo VS KickBoxing and Now You Understand !!!

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  1. Taekwondo itf podobne do kickboxing,tylko w taekwondo więcej kopnięć obrotowych a w kickboxingu bardziej proste techniki

  2. Este video lo unico que hace es mostrar peleadores amateur contra maestros de taekwondo! Verdaderos Kickboxer o Muay Thai fighter nunca perderían!

  3. La verdad para mí son iguales los 2 asi que ninguno es mejor de una patada que te entre bien y con fuerza en la cara o cuerpo te saca de onda y varios puñetazos a la cara igual asi que son iguales

  4. TKD is great a Great Martial Art Style but Cmon, MMA is the Best no question. The BJJ Guy in the Video did not Fight on the Ground. If he get the TKD Guy down, the fight is Over. Period.

  5. Are they real sagonis? Most of them have normal kicks…. Weres the juice!!!
    But before you start conplaining if their pichagi gets covered they can get hurt(a Lot :'v) and or because they need space for kicks

  6. Mmm no mames solo son videos que favorecen al tae deberian ver un vidro…unos chavos de kung fu destrozaron a los jovenes de tae pero la neta no tengo nada econtra de este deporte pero esta muy comprado

  7. Хули вы сравнтваете 2 стиля против одного в правилах ринга, в на улиуце покажите и посмотрите результат, Клоуны

  8. Todos las disiplinas son buenas lo que cambia es que todos como seres humanos que somos tenemos capacidades diferentes…

  9. Both martial arts have strong attacks ,but the kick boxers are not really point scored so they are taught to counter well and stay in the fight till one drops ,Tk have speed with strong strikes but if miss they open to a powerful counter ,2 great martial arts that are v much matched in the ring ,I wonder if in a kumita one disipline would excel the other

  10. Obvio el que hizo el vídeo es de taekwondo jamás va a poner un vídeo en donde el kick Boxing le de ko a el taekwondo

  11. Where are the fights of K1? I remember a member of the south korean national team of TKD being defeated by a muay thai fighter named Kaoklai, or the fight of Genki Sudo.

  12. Are these guys really kickboxers?? They keep dropping their hands every time they attack and they lunge an awful lot

  13. Taekwondo more speed & skillfull artistic
    Kickboxing, muay thai more power & strenght
    Keep respect 🙏 from indonesian taekwondo

  14. Difference is that TKD has lot more deadly head kick skills, better chance of knocking out the opponent instantly. But in MMA TKD only would be vulnerable in the ground with its big kicking style. For MMA TKD + wrestling or JJS would be the perfect combo.

  15. TKD guy in clip #3 was really committed to trying to make that axe kick work. xD

    I have heard that axe kick is no good in MMA. I think probably the only time it would work is if they are already bent over, but this would probably be illegal and I of course have tried no such thing in sparring.
    I am a blue belt in TKD, have trained in other arts, and have trained under Rudy Vasquez, who taught me boxing and kickboxing.

  16. Don't waste your time with tae Kwon Do. Switch to a better alternative. Like Savate or kickboxing for instance.

  17. Подобные ролики – глупость. Все зависит не от вида спорта, а от самого человека, спортсмена

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