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  1. Any new jets planned for the German line? They are lacking any high level capability. I already grinded it and bought premiums because early tiers are soo fun, but many people skip it all together because there are no top tier jets.

  2. Gaijin , thanks for removing cheaters . I've noticed a marked improvement in game.
    Would love to see the repair cost of 8.0 +be a bit lower . And lastly , fix that Italian pest of a vehicle. There's no way that little hotdog mobile is that fast on rough ground.
    Oh , and bigger maps with animals and civilians would be fun
    It gets boring shooting the scarecrows.

  3. Will you be updating the damage models of the aircraft crashing and somehow keeping the fuselage intact despite hitting the ground at sometimes the speed of sound? It's really frustrating to shoot at a fuselage thinking it's a tank in Tank RB

  4. My tech tree is broken and forced me to research something i didnt want to, i told your customer service people and they didnt do anything, no compensation or anything.

  5. Could y'all add the F-104 Starfighter and/or the F-4 Phantom E, those are my favorite jets of all time and would fall next in line after the F-100…

  6. WHERE THE HELL IS NIGEL? WE NEED HIM! PLEAS BRING HIM BACK! Also, I love the new format for the show. Looking good.

  7. Hey gaijin, how about some more German vehicles like the SdKfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer or the Meubelwagen?

  8. I have a question when the modern jets will be added, will the SAAB 39 gripen be added too? And if yes what tech tree would it be in?

  9. Hey Gajin
    Could you add the mass of the plane on the dat sheet of each plane please ? It would be a useful data to calculate weight to thrust ratio and other statistics.
    Thanks !

  10. And stop asking me to renew my premium account everytime I get on. I'll never give you anything ever again until you prove to me that my money is going into the further development of the game. Because as of right now the $60 I've put it just went to vodka or whatever you dumb Slavs do with it.

  11. Its ya boi BRUCE !
    i jumped back in my chair when I first saw this lol
    I wasn’t expecting this introduction
    But i like it

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