[04/04] Hankido seminar Lohja 2013 – Kicks (hapkido vs. taekwondo)

[04/04] Hankido seminar Lohja 2013 – Kicks (hapkido vs. taekwondo)

twisting when I twist well I already touch the sorry turning I hit they're kicking out faster you want to try it a little bit higher this is the only way not just to target I like it right then 45 degree this one right there like this because here but it's possible forward to create a so very good technical no just one more one later

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  1. I have a question about those kicks. I come from goju ryu karate and jujitsu, so I dont have much in the way of the acrobatic of high kicks associated with korean arts. In regards to the hapkido style kicks, are the common elements between the two in terms of kicking? Taekwondo seems extremely focused on kicks why Hapkido seems more balanced in what it covers. I'm looking into heading to korea to train at some point in the future

  2. Usually the focus at seminars is only on self defense techniques, this time I had a bit of time to cover kicks as well. 

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