07/10/2019 FCMHL Fall Creek Men's Horseshoe League Week #8 Game #1 Part #2

07/10/2019 FCMHL Fall Creek Men's Horseshoe League Week #8 Game #1 Part #2

right there salad point backwards all right another back you're getting a half flip too much like does a top yeah at what a top we don't know until you try it you be honest with you like that or always been weighted down on the heels down there always been weighted heavy down there spot white right just a hard one me bring him right back Gavin oh nice shoe Oh coming sideways but it's right there get down get down nice open shoe that one's on it did yeah that one those were good shoes that second one was perfect one for Gavin just hair to the left further freaking kidding me how about as good of a shoe as it gets and it danced on me son of a gun all right there right there happens hey just the weird shoe when it comes in like that is a good shoe just didn't stay do my dad would have done that even cussing it out down there buddy point point the match Gavin ringer beat it that's right beautiful shoe do it again do it again even got me at first yeah that won't even stay it on and everything no that's alright do it again hi otherwise had been on I can't hit his average already though that's good every every single week he's been pitching better than the week before and that last one up there hit the concrete anyways so we've got a couple more shoes left but not a lot see Quicksilver you ain't don't want to do that do one thank you Andy back at it Gavin give it a chance whoops that one came out all wrong last chance that's not a quite a bit oh yeah what last chance for doubles last chance it always goes and just making sure you know so you don't tell me I didn't tell you that one down down nah way best that's a point well that's a point it felt good I was looking at that steak when I let go once you backwards to just not quite there [Applause] we give you guys 15 that's all can't believe it's that many we got our handicap down there fishing

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  1. Week 8 Game 1 Results:

    JY Collision Center:
    Ron: 26 pts – 5 of 25 rgrs
    Me: 29 pts – 4 of 25 rgrs
    Wendy: 26 pts – 6 of 25 rgrs
    Gavin: 12 pts – 1 of 25 rgrs
    For a total of: 93 pts – 16 of 100 rgrs in the Loss.

    LG Seeds:
    Wes: 20 pts – 4 of 25 rgrs
    Dean: 18 pts – 3 of 25 rgrs
    Dave: 23 pts – 5 of 25 rgrs
    Scott: 20 pts – 3 of 25 rgrs
    Handicap: 15 pts
    For a total of: 96 pts – 15 of 100 rgrs for the Win.

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