49 Replies to “10 CRAZY Sports Coincidences That Will BLOW Your Mind”

  1. #1: The Dab. In 2015 & 2016, members of the Carolina Panthers, Golden State Warriors, and Cleveland Indians, as well as Hillary Clinton, dabbed. They lost the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the World Series, and the presidential election.

  2. The super bowl curse updated is teams that dont have a primary team color of green while wearing their home jersey will take an L in the super. Teams like the packers, eagles and jets, i guess Jaguars can win the superbowl

  3. Alex Smith and Joe Theisman injury. Same yard line, same team, same place, same day (besides year), basically same injury.

  4. Right now there is two minor league pitchers they both have the same name I look the exactly the same and also both had the same Tommy John surgery by the same physiciani think their name is Brady feigl

  5. the MVP quarterback coincidence in the super bowl recent Matt Ryan won MVP quarterback and lost the Superbowl

  6. I like when you guys say people’s names wrong from back in the day. No one pronounced the dad Fielders name like that.

  7. Of the 3 major American sports leagues, 8 franchises have their leagues titles, the first year their new stadium was built. Milw Bucks about to make it 9.

  8. Brandon Marshall And Brandon Marshall. At one point they played on the same team the Broncos. One is a receiver and the other is a MLB

  9. Pittsburgh Pirates wining the world series the same year the Pittsburgh stealers won the super bowl

  10. Updated version- Alex Smith’s injury, add Madden 19 to madden curses, Patriots won super bowl wearing white

  11. MVPs losing the super bowl

    Shaun Alexander Super Bowl 40
    Peyton Manning Super Bowl 44
    Peyton Manning Super Bowl 48
    Cam Newton Super Bowl 50
    Matt Ryan Super Bowl 51
    Tom Brady Super Bowl 52

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