31 Replies to “10-min No Gym Circuit Training Workout”

  1. the Music was louder than your voice, so I real probs getting what you're talking about πŸ™
    Nice workout anyway

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  4. OMG, you make it look SO EASY… just tried doing this and I about died… lol… love it though and I am going to start doing it every day.

  5. Sarah please make a video about how to reduce the fat in the top inter thigh where your legs touch your privates thank you xoxo

  6. So I notice you're barefoot in this video. I was always under the impression that workouts need to be done in proper shoes. Is there some particular reason that you're barefoot? Do shoes matter when it comes to working out? Like is it equally effective to do a workout barefoot as it is to do it wearing shoes?

  7. wow okay…ive always been kinda weary about the whole at home workout with no weights thing…but i was literally dripping sweat after doing this 3 times through, and i really felt the burn…AWESOME

  8. I think your videos are great Sarah! Since you mentioned booty at one point during this one I couldn't help myself, those pants look great on you if you catch my drift!!!

  9. Looking at this video just proves how your legs are not fat.. wish I could do this without going out of breath!

  10. it was so challenging! *puff* *wipes sweat off*
    but … could u lower the music while u speak please πŸ™‚ its a little hard to hear what ur saying.

  11. This is a great video. My only complaint is the music in the background almost muffle you out which makes it hard to hear you. Other then that, I always love your videos and this really kicked my butt πŸ™‚

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