10 minute Interval Sprint (HIIT) workout for Endurance & Fat loss

10 minute Interval Sprint (HIIT) workout for Endurance & Fat loss

hi I'm Javier and I'm out here to try to get an interval sprint workout in which I think is the absolute best way to build up your endurance and towards fighting fat in the quickest time possible first we're going to run through a warm-up which will get you ready to go and then we're going to get right into the workout which should only take about 10 to 12 minutes now the only drawback to these types of workouts is that they are very demanding so you're probably going to want to have a training partner or coach to help keep you accountable all right let's get to it we're going in the warm-up started with some butt kickers these are just a good way to fire up the hamstrings a little bit and you're also going to get a dynamic stretch to the quads and on the way back we're getting some high knees very common drill for all types of athletes these just fire up the hip flexors and I'm hitting some walking lunges okay the main point of the walking lunges is to loosen up my hip flexors for me personally my hip flexors tend to get very tight if I don't stay on top of stretching them so I especially want to make sure to loosen them up a bit before a sprinting workout and even before just regular weight room workouts if I'm doing squats by doing Olympic lifts lunges and stuff like that I always do some extra stretching for the hip flexors all right now I'm doing some Ford leg swings this provides the dynamic stretch of the hamstrings and a portent technique point with these is to make sure you actively pull down the leg towards the ground don't just let it fall towards the ground and you're going to strike the track with the ball of your foot okay now some high skips I just use these to kind of fire up the legs a little bit sometimes do drills just because they feel good no particular purpose now this next drill is a drill from track athletes a skips now you notice my left foot is coming across my body a little bit it should not be doing that it should be just coming straight up and down so next time out I make sure to correct those when I'm doing them on my own now some backwards hip-opener skips somebody might have a name for these already I'm pretty sure somebody does but I'm just gonna call him that for now and I got a little burst at the end there I'm just getting warmed up and now the last drill I'm doing is bounding so bounding is basically just an exaggerated running stride where you're trying to get a lot of airtime with each stride okay and you're really giving a strong extension off that push leg okay I find that it just helps to open up my stride and you know really get me ready for the Sprint's that are coming up so that's it from our warm up I didn't take too much time to rest in between the drills since I'm just following this up with a short interval workout if I was concerned more so with doing a speed type workout then I'd probably rest a little longer to make sure I don't get myself tired in between the drills I want to address a topic that I don't think it's nearly enough discussion which is the difference between running on a track and running on a treadmill since I know a lot of you like to run your intervals on a treadmill but to me the running on the track is far superior number one you recruit your hamstrings much more when you're running on solid ground because the ground isn't moving backwards under your feet you have to propel yourself forward more and actually find that it's a little easier on my joints running on the track because I don't have as much downward impact compared to when I'm running on a treadmill just doesn't feel like a natural stride to me yeah and in addition to that you're never going to be able to exactly match your running speed by setting it on a treadmill if it's a motorized treadmill but obviously whereas when you're on the ground if you run faster or slower you're accelerating or decelerating at a certain pace you don't need to worry about making any adjustments and also like as in this workout I'm running shuttles so I haven't changed the direction in there that change of direction makes a big difference in the effect of the sprint if you if you were to try this workout instead of going about 50 meters down and 50 meters back if all you did was run a hundred meters straight and then take your rest it's a much easier workout so that's another way you can experiment with your intervals breaking them up into one long-distance or multiple multiple relays where you go back and forth for a set period before you get your rest time now that being said getting outside and running is not the only way you have to do interval training using a stationary bike a rower machine battle ropes I guess even swimming if your confidence swimmer it could be really good ways to do intervals as well for me personally I find that especially with a stationary bike gal ropes on the rower that I tend to fatigue more quickly from a muscular standpoint as opposed to my lung capacity being the limiting factor that might be because sprinting outside more heavily involves the full body so it's just more taxing trying to get enough oxygen to the muscles whereas the other movements are even though they do involve the full the whole body they are a little bit more challenging from a muscular endurance and like a lactate threshold standpoint so experiment with both of them they both have their benefits and you know it's definitely good to use different modalities to cross-train and not get those overuse injuries and just to change things up so you don't get too bored of your routine now if your motivation for adding interval Sprint's into your training routine is primarily fat loss then I can't stress enough that you must get your die together if you're going to expect to see any kind of results okay it doesn't matter how much you're training how many calories you're trying to burn if your diet is not good you will not see any appreciable results and you'd be putting away more effort than you need to and you can actually easily lose body fat without doing any working out at all it's not what I recommend but it's possible but trying to do the reverse meaning working out but just eating a very poor diet is not really going to work some people it might work a little bit but most people probably not even going to work at all so make sure you get that down first now assuming that diet is good I recommend adding in these Sprint's at the end of the day if you if you are doing other training before them or you can just do them as a session on their own so let's say for example if you have a regular strength training routine in the gym using you know what your basic traditional free weight program or maybe you're doing something more calisthenics based or just any kind of resistance training it doesn't really matter what it is one option is just to add on these short interval sprints right immediately after you finish that first workout so let's say I do a lower body workout in the gym I head outside to the track loosen up a little bit and then get right to the workout it should only take about 10 to 12 minutes to do one of these workouts so you can easily tack it on once you're done with your lifting on the other hand if you have the luxury to be able to train multiple sessions within a day it's actually even better if you give yourself some time to rest and then come back to the track get the interval workout in maybe get some good stretching and afterwards after doing these prints is a really good time to do stretching is assuming you rehydrate just since your body will be very warmed up it would be nice and loose and it can really help you be able to get deeper into those stretches I wouldn't recommend doing these prints first though in your routine simply be simply because you probably just be too wiped out too tired to get an effective workout afterwards you know especially if you're trying to work on factoring strength building power or speed you're doing plyometrics definitely do those first before you do an interval sprint workout like this in this particular workout I'm running 50 meters down and 50 meters back with a 25 second rest in between and that works out to about a 1 to 1 work to rest ratio by the time I get to my later sprints for I'm really starting to slow down and trying to get tired actually meant to do only 12 times down a bag but I did an extra rep just because I lost count but Lisa got the 12 min now an interesting interesting thing I found is that when you're keeping the rest in fairly short like a one-to-one work to rest or even less than that it's really more challenging long capacity is on the muscles okay so basically what I'm saying is like the limiting factor was my ability to get my breath back not necessarily that my legs were getting too fatigued now if you want to shift that to working to putting a little more stress on the muscular system adding more recovery time in between the reps will allow you to maintain a higher speed for each sprint and your also be putting your also be putting more demand on the muscular system so interestingly even though keeping a very short rest interval is very tough to stick with to be able to keep running those sprints it's actually a little easier on the body as far as the stress you put on on the joints and the ligaments and so on just because you simply can't maintain that level of force production for each rep so not only are these sprints a good way to build your endurance in a short amount of time they're actually not very hard on the body either even when you compare them to doing a long a long duration run like you go out and you run you know 810 miles your heart rate will never be getting that high if you just ran out of steady pace the whole time and you put your your knees your ankles and hips do a lot more impacts of course that run whereas in this one it's very short intense the running stride for Sprint puts less stress on the on the knees and ankles I find then running then a jogging stride and you challenge your your heart rate and your lung capacity much more because you never really reached that same percentage of your maximal capacity if you're just doing you know a long run not saying long runs don't have any benefit I do go on them occasionally but it really does not make up a big percentage of my training I find that I can stay cardiovascularly fit just by doing short workouts I don't really need to do long distance stuff and less um you know the only time I'd really recommend that you do that is be you just enjoy that type of exercise it's a form of stress relief for you or your training for you know a specific long-distance running event Oh ha that's all right I think so I am good galleon like the man they still rule yeah I'm still rolling look you got five seconds left I don't know first of all okay okay I don't think I want made it if it wasn't here halfway through I was going to stop it oh it's only a couple more minutes so if I got it

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  1. Hey guys! I just uploaded the first episode of my "Ask the Coach" series where I address one of the most frequently asked questions that I get, which is "How should I train if I am skinny fat?" check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7r2pt_lkcc

  2. I’ve been super dedicated to lose some body fat to finally see my abs. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression, but getting exercise 5 days a week has really benefited me in many ways. I’m starting to feel confident about my body for once 🙂 thank you for this

  3. I’d like to run on a track and I do run outside regularly, but sometimes, a treadmill is necessary….no shame if you have to use it.

  4. thanks for the video. i started doing this a few weeks now and it is amazing full body workout when you sprint.

  5. I tried this a couple of times this week.
    First time I went too hard on my first few sprints and burnt-out before I got to the 6th sprint. I had to take a couple of minutes break inbetween and ended up doing two sets of 5 sprints.
    On my second attempt I held back a little bit, maybe going 60-70% on the first sprint. I was able to go all the way to 13 sprints this time. I just had a little trouble keeping to the 25 second rest period in-between after the 6th sprint and I ended up taking 30-35 seconds on the last 6 sprints.
    Its a great workout because its short, intense, and it doesn't put too much stress on my knees. I had an ACL reconstruction 12 months ago and I have been suffering from jumpers-knee pain recently. I'd much rather do this workout, which leaves me with minimal pain in my patella-tendon, than a 30 minute run, which is a bit of a roulette with where the pain will show-up afterward and during.
    I'm going to work on doing this consistently and see if I can manage to stick to the 25s rest interval. Once it gets easier I'm going to see if I can start running faster for all of the sprints.

  6. Can i do these sprints after a 2 mile jog? Jogging is making my legs skinny but its burning fat and its honestly pretty easy. Will doing these after make it to where i dont make any progress or is it just fine?

  7. This is STRENGTH TRAINING. Only maybe the first two 100m are high-intensity…then you are doing low-quality, slower-than-race reps. This will make the athlete stronger, but not faster. Think about it.

  8. Do you drink alcohol? I enjoy a few beers everyday but It has really put the chunk on, as I see you have no chunk at all. I'm 25%body fat/fitbit scale. I'd like to be around 16. Do you think sprints will get me there while still enjoying IPA's?

  9. This guy is a gangsta, can you do this as a daily workout instead of jogging 30 mins a day? I would assume you burn more fat and get a heavier sweat doing this…

  10. I did hiit 3 years ago for 4 months and lost 15 kg. After a rough year an reaching 90 kg, im starting again and it feels soooo good. This is my favorite exercise ever

  11. I don't like ppl who tell me how to workout when they are out of shape. but @JavyTheBody you are in shape !

  12. I want to upload me trying this work out to my YouTube channel.. It's good i'm a certified personal trainer. Getting channel started and would like to show people good work outs, i dig this work out and would like to show people what it would like for me trying it so people i know have somebody they know can see what it was like for me and advertise an actual good work out they can try to, and if my channel ever got big enough hopefully send new subscribers to others I've learned from. Don't want to rip off, steal subscribers, or annoy anybody who's put a lot of work into their channel. Just found your vids today and like interveral sprint work outs! Good vid, cool to show warm up and work out, will share w/ friends for sure. thanks for a good tutorial.

  13. I havent worked out for a few years now. I was skinny, put on 35lbs in 1 year dirty bulking (got fat and strong with decent mass, just too much fat), injured my back and here i am 2 years later looking to get back into it. Im now at a point where I have lost 15lbs from my biggest but not happy with body fat.

    Would you recommend that someone with a sedentary job jump straight into 13x100m, or would you cut it down at all for the first few sessions?

    Id appreciate a reply!

  14. awesome video. @javythebody you are totally right about not needing long cardio sessions to lose weight. I am primarily a runner now and personally, I need them to build a good aerobic base (among other things) for road racing, but that is very specific training. if the goal is general athleticism and strength there is no need for long slow cardio that i am aware of, and it does not burn many calories given how difficult it is.

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