10 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

10 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

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  1. The gymnast girl did not rip her "uniform". People just spread the rumor around. Sorry to ruin your fun if you thought that at first.

    I thought that she ripped it at first too, so no shame on that.

  2. That wasn't a rugby player ,but an Australian football League player playing Australian rules football.

  3. The bottom of the foot at 0:54 kind of looks like it has a face. About half way down it looks like it has the type of eyes that are seen in anime (^ ^), and the black line at the heel that meets closely to the Achilles' tendon looks a little bit like a smile. Also, the other black lines above the "smile" look like they are nostrils.

  4. the most shocking are the two we didn't see. Why include 'em if you can't even prove they are what you SAID they are?

  5. The tennis lady doing the splits does not look like she has a penis at all. It just looks like her leg.

    I better go look again just to be sure.

  6. that gymnast is shawn johnson i think that never happened it's a virus photo, people click on it and you get a virus. it's fake.

  7. That's not bloody rugby, it's afl. Sacrilege? ! And no….he doesn't have a fat nose now. I'm pretty sure it's Michael Voss who played and later coached the Brisbane Lions.

  8. What is the problem to the slip and torn suit…they have coverings..can you not see that black color?idiot..it is safe…

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