10 Sports Moments That Made EVERYONE Cry

10 Sports Moments That Made EVERYONE Cry

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  1. Where is the story about Brandon Burlsworth? That story is still touching and will always be one of the saddest sports moments in history

  2. The soldier that crawled the last bit of the Boston marathon and David Beckham retiring both hit the feels

  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning the 2001 Pepsi 400, 5 months after his legendary father was killed in a crash on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 at the same track…also Dale Jr. performing a victory lap with the American flag out of the window, after winning the first NASCAR race after 9/11

  4. For the record, I hate the Boston Bruins. But Greg Campbell having both shin bones shattered blocking a shot and he got up using his stick upside down as a crutch, and blocking the shooting lanes because it was a penalty kill. My god.

  5. They left out the Brady haters.. 6 Super Bowl 💍💍💍💍💍💍's and every passing record in playoff history and with every playoff win the haters 😭😪😥😰

  6. I’m a NASCAR fan and the way you spoke about nascar was embarrassing. First of all it was 2001 not 2000. He didn’t win 76 Winston cups, he won 7. He won 76 races and nobody has ever and I mean EVER called the Daytona 500 a “tournament”

  7. Dan Jansen falling at the 1988 Olympics after hearing of his sister’s death from Leukemia. Then his gold medal win in 1992 taking his victory lap with his baby girl, named Jane for his sister.

  8. I used to say I wanted Morgan Freeman to narrate my life. I've changed my mind. Your voice is a warm embrace that soothes the soul and erases all negativity.

  9. Could put Dwayane Wade’s tribute from his son/fans/mom on here. Hell, even Dirk’s retirement video that San Antonio made for him had me tears eyed, too.

  10. Wayne Gretzky being traded to the kings or Patrick Kanes goal for his father after he died. Patrick Marleaus return to San Jose. Seriously put more hockey in this or do another part.

  11. Your voice is so lovely to hear, and the way you narrate how wonderful these legends are…Brilliant!

  12. Minnesota miracle almost made me cry miracle at the medow lands 2.0 made me cry scream and get yelled at by my landlord😄

  13. I feel like a better moment for the Earnhardt Tragedy would be when Junior won the first race back at Daytona since Senior died. The reason I say this is because no one knew Seniors condition until later that night at the official announcement. There was so much emotion in Juniors win there later in the season though, hard to watch that victory with no tears

  14. The Red Sox beating the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, Wayne Gretzky's final game, and the first game that Travis Roy played for Boston University becoming paralyzed. These are suggestions for another video but definitely moments I cried too in sports history.

  15. Yordano Ventura Hernández (June 3, 1991 – January 22, 2017) was a Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball (MLB). Ventura made his MLB debut on September 17, 2013. Known as a power pitcher, his fastball topped out at 102 mph in his career. He won the 2015 World Series with the Royals. On January 22, 2017, Ventura was killed in a car crash in the Dominican Republic.

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