10 Sports Teams That Need A New Name ASAP

10 Sports Teams That Need A New Name ASAP

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  1. What other sports teams need to change their names?

    Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

  2. Please do teams that need a uniform change? Probably just the NFL alone…Packers,Steelers,Redskins,Seahawks,Vikings,Browns,Cardinals,etc,etc

  3. As a Oakland Athletics fan i love our team but our secondary logo is a elephant and i wish that was our logo

  4. ok bro it's 2017…it's 2019 now…next year will be 2020….thanks for the current year update….got it!

  5. If we're talking about other slightly racist names, there's the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds

  6. I personally do not dislike the Washington Redskins. The franchise originated as the Boston Braves in 1932. In 1933 the franchise left
    Braves Field for Fenway Park and the team was renamed the Redskins,
    playing off baseball's Red Sox. In 1937, citing poor fan support, owner
    George Preston Marshall moved the team to Washington, DC, and they've been called that since. I do not think it's a terrible franchise

  7. The reason why Orlando Magic is because Disney World/ Land Is "Where the Magic Happens" therefore that's why the name of the Orlando magic is what it is but they are doing good this season

  8. The Philadelphia Liberty Bells or just the Philadelphia Liberty/Bells.
    The Minnesota Forests or Minnesota North Star, or even the Minnesota Lakes (NOT LakeRs, check the R, and Minnesota IS known for being the land of ten thousand lakes)
    The Houston (Something to do with NASA or the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas)
    The Washington Presidents or something to do with a job/area.

  9. My state is Louisiana so apparently you've never been. Let me tell you this. THE PELICAN IS LOUISIANA'S STATE BIRD. Now wanna rethink that😎

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