46 Replies to “1000ft Wakeboard Rope”

  1. How to waste a nice afternoon? You could be having fun doing some, I dunno, wakeboarding or something. Rope dragging in the water and no wake, huh.

  2. This is a horrible song stealing the main riff from sad but true by Metallica then ruining it!!! What the heck man!!!

  3. I'm a big guy and can't get up without a pole, couldn't imagine the line dragging in the water.

  4. Super dangerous though, someone could run over the rope or they wouldn't think there would be a person that far back and accidentally run over him

  5. y'all ain't shit. We did more than that on boat paddles back in the 1960's… ever hear of banana skis? or Foot Ski's?…. ever ride a disc? That was the good ole days when skiing was real and fun!

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