$12 Homemade Pvc Recurve Bow Update

$12 Homemade Pvc Recurve Bow Update

I was going YouTube 1700 guy 5 to 0 here just showing you updated by a 1 inch PVC bow I got as you can see while I took the paint off right there because I actually kinked it you can see I did a small repair right there from last time I actually added a site which is the zip tie ghetto I know I don't care and also this is a this is the hook from a bungee cord that I'm using as an arrow rest which believe it or not actually works really good but I'm gonna string it up and show it to you and we'll see what we'll talk about what's different what obviously I recur update from last video I made some guys somebody suggested I forgot what was they suggested that I actually just read it the other way so then I tried it and it actually did shoot a hell of a lot better so I'm in a ghetto D loop right here it's made out of zip ties and string same term that I use for the bow right here I've got a very good pull to it I would estimate I said about 50 55 pounds but now that I've actually shopped Bo's a little more I would estimate it's about 45 pounds of 28 inch pool I don't have a tree to do it test it I have no idea but I just wanted to show you my update one of the looks like recurved show you this I actually made this quiver myself pretty simple I took a two-foot PVC pipe 3 inches wide grab 3-inch caps landed at the bottom got this military strap screw bolted it in at the bottom right there cut a hole right here put it through let's pull it through up the top put a strap on here to keep it secure inside I got some padding I actually used a yoga mat I'll show you right now this yoga mat just so happened to be two feet wide I kind of section out of the bottom right here so that I can put it at the bottom so that my arrows don't cling around inside there and when the when the arrow heads and because sometimes they got broad tips field tips whatever they're gonna be slamming the bottom of the quiver so I actually did that ghetto I know don't care don't works it's a quiver okay it works but just wanted to show you my bow it's updated take take a quick shot for you just to see what's different I mean not really much but shoots like a beast I probably pulled that about three-quarter draw I mean I went all the way through this cardboard box right here you can see but I think that's a double-layered cardboard box too so there's two boxes inside of that well yeah just uh showing you guys the update to my one inch PVC both thanks for watching you have any comments or questions all right let me know I'll see if I can get back to you once again I learned everything how to do all this stuff in the backyard Bowyer except I bye arrow is because making them is just annoying anyways thanks for watching some Chino guy five to zero

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  1. you read my mind about the arrows =))) nice bow mate, i got a straight one made of PVC no recurve. i learned to do it from the same gangsta bowyer =) . Good stuff ! Did you use heat gun btw?

  2. HA the bungee cord loop is pretty slick I took a tent stake shaved it down and made that my arrow rest. How are you using the zip tie as a sight did you mark your string?

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