25 Replies to “120 Inch PA Hardwood Big 10 Point Taken w/ Recurve Bow!”

  1. Beutiful buck. Great shot. I'm also a PA born and raised bow Hunter. Just started traditional two years ago . No luck yet.

  2. Congrats awsome buck you don't always haft to get the shot on cam your reaction is awesome what it's all about!!

  3. This is what a young man should be doing I congratulate him ! Bow hunting keeps you out of trouble it keeps you involved in the natural world

  4. Nice job bud!!! Got my first archery buck this yr…man what an amazing feeling to take one with a stick and string.

  5. That's quite a buck! To take it with a recurve is quite an accomplishment too! It was cool to see the emotions and discussion to go along with it! New follower here! Hope you'll check out a fellow hunters channel too!

  6. Congratulations to you on a nice buck. How often we take a nap and open our eyes to see a deer. Thanks for sharing your hunt with us

  7. Congratulations nice buck i was able to take my first trad buck on the second day of pa archery this year

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