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  1. This is easier to me than Keumgang which is the next poomsae I should do (im 7th gup) but i can do 1-9 and 13 theres huge gap now and i cant get hang of keumgang at all, only the start

  2. The first time he turns his back on you (going away from you), they don't show what he's doing, but the 2nd time, they have the alternate camera angle. Wish they did it both times.

  3. Haha Taekwondo is pronounced as it is spelled, though it means hand and foot way, tae kwon do… Pronounced taekwondo. Therefore WTF = World Taekwondo Federation.

    But give him a slap anyhoo 😉

  4. been a black belt for twenty years the dan rating don't mean that much , the workout is the important part, it will take you to that goal at the end, where it all that matter.

  5. @mistychristy99 You don't have to get every belt before you get the black? I started training with six years and got first Dan with 14. Lol

  6. At my taekwondo center you can get first daan whenever you're ready. I got promoted to first daan when I was in third grade, at age nine. I'm now thirteen and going to eighth grade next year, and am a third daan. My grandmaster expects that I will reach fourth daan at seventeen or eighteen.

  7. Thats cool, that is my ghoal. To train fighters and people in good self defense with taekwondo. I am a instructor right now at a community center but want to open my own gym one day.
    I remember you had to be 16 to get 1st dan, now I hear its 15. I find that annoying. In my teaching ill do it my way, but also teach the kukkiwon standard so they will do ok in tournaments and also if they move on to another dojang. I do boxing stuff too and muay thai.

  8. I am 5th. I agree that requirements are watered down. Seems to go in a cycle. They change something, then change it again, then eventually change it back to how it was when you first learned it.

    I'm in it for life. I love it regardless of it's limitations, in fact, i spend a lot of time trying to defeat the standard limitations. I learned a lot of boxing technique and added it to our curriculum, i've trained a lot of successful mma fighters, and i personally feel we will see more of it.

  9. Kukkiwon requirements are so watered down now days. They even changed the concentrated breathing to moving really soft with no tension. I find that annoying. Taebaek used to have slow breathing for the palm blocks too.
    Oh well, I for one wo uld rather learn Taekwondo than be held back simply because I have to wait 7 years to learn a new form. What dan are you? I am 3rd. I hope to get 4th in 3 years.

  10. Yeah,i'm sure, but it used to be the way you're doing it. When i got my first dan i had to do Koryo, and kumgang for 2nd, taebaek for 3rd, etc. After i got my 3rd dan Kukkiwon changed some rules and changed the required poomse. So i had to do taebaek for 3rd, AND for 4th dan, then pyongwon for 5th. I guess some schools didn't make the adjustment, and ultimately, it's up to your master, but that's the kukkiwon requirement.

  11. Are you sure? Because I am 3rd dan and I know pyongwon, and I have to do pyongwon to GET my 4th dan later. Sipjin is simply the next form. When i am 4th dan I would learn Sipjin next to get my 5th dan.

  12. @kingsly17 Can i ask you a question? When i get black belt i know im going to get the junior black belt… Do i get dahn in junior black belt or is it only dahn in the 16+ black belt?

  13. @101masteroffail Poomsae only means form and there are many forms. But for Kukkiwon there are 8 for the color belts called Taeguk, and then 1 for each dan, which have their own names and are not numbers like the Taeguk. So 17 in total if you count that way.

  14. @101masteroffail Yes there is, after black belt there is a certain amount of 'Dan Patten's' or Degree you can go up to.

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