18 Best Japanese Sports Cars Ever Made

18 Best Japanese Sports Cars Ever Made

21 Replies to “18 Best Japanese Sports Cars Ever Made”

  1. There is no such thing as an Acura NSX in Japan….they are called Honda NSX, Acura is just a marketing name for the US, your video is retarded.

  2. The si i know was not turbo , even the original type R wasn't turbo, honda is known for N/A high revving power

  3. new nsx is more of a super car so i would not count it as a sports car but however gt r is a sports car that kills super cars like the huracan

  4. It’s not a evo x it’s a evo 10 x=10 in Roman numerals all of the evos have this you absolute cunt lord.

  5. i love the amount of Japanese car fans purposely pointing everything the guy says wrong, to make them feel smarter about cars.
    like really nobody cares. just watch the video

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