18 Secrets About Foxes in Minecraft

18 Secrets About Foxes in Minecraft

– Today we are taking a
look back at the humble fox. Why? ‘Cause you guys love this thing! Foxes are so adorable and so fun, so we’re gonna cover every little detail that I can drudge up. We’ve covered fox videos in the past, but this should have every specialty. Everything that’s cool. Everything that’s different about the fox. (upbeat music) So, here we are inside a Minecraft, and look at that! Naturally spawned foxes
lining up all in a row. They’re not actually natural! To start things off,
we’re gonna go through a rapid-fire round of facts. There are four varieties of fox. A red fox, that happens
to be an adult fox. A red fox that happens to
be a baby fox, how cute! A white fox that happens
to be an adult fox. Stop sleeping, we got a video to make. A white fox that happens to be a baby fox. Oh, my gosh, he’s so hard
to record, he’s so fast. Hi, look at me. Foxes can be found in these biomes, taiga, snowy, taiga, and, technically this
giant tree taiga, as well. These have giant taiga trees, and they the mossy cobblestones, that’s how you know it’s dyin’. Giant, giant tree taiga! Foxes have 20 health points,
and that equals 10 hearts. So each point is half of a heart, because you go down by half a heart. But if you have strength 255,
then they die immediately whenever you punch them. That’s just a fact. Foxes are nocturnal. So, when it is day
outside, they will sleep. And when it is midnight, they wake up. Or, anytime of night, it doesn’t
have to be just midnight. But at night they wake up. So sleep during the day,
wake up during the night. It’s basic, me, me, basically… Whenever you kill a fox, they
actually don’t drop anything. Unlike plenty of other mobs like if you happen to kill a zombie, it might drop some rotten flesh. Or a cat will drop string. Foxes don’t actually have a
single item that they drop, other than experience. There is a technicality to this rule and that is that some
foxes when they spawn will have something in their mouth. Like this guy has a feather right here. So when you kill him, he’ll drop what he is holding. Speaking of spawning things where they… Where they spawnin’, they
have somethin’ in their mouth. Wow, I need to talk better. Speakin’ of spawnin’ in foxes and having stuff be in their mouth, when a fox spawns, if it
happens to be an adult fox, then it has a 20% chance of
havin’ somethin’ in its mouth. Out of that 20% chance,
there are seven items that they may be holding. So we’ve seen a few feathers, just saw some wheat earlier, that guy has some leather. So here is how it breaks down. The most valuable of
these items is an emerald. But there is only a 5%
chance of an emerald spawnin’ on Bedrock and on Java edition. Next, the most valuable thing
would be a rabbit’s foot which, yes, that is a
rabbit’s foot right there. And this can be used in brewing. That has a 10% chance on both
Java and Bedrock edition. Next, is a little bid of rabbit’s hide, that’s what that is right there. The hide of a rabbit. And the chance of that is also 10% on Java and Bedrock editions. Next is an egg, so that is
a chicken egg in his mouth. And the chance of that
spawning is different based off of which game. In the Java edition there’s a
15% chance that it is an egg, and the on the Bedrock
edition there is a 20% chance that it is an egg. Next is… wheat! (throat clearing) Ch-wheat! He’s gonna make some bread
with that thing he’s holding. On both Java and Bedrock
edition, there is a 20% chance that he’ll be holdin’
or she will be holdin’ ch-ch-wheat. Next is leather from a cow, I guess. Did you kill a cow? All by yourself? Holy, moly, that’s terrifying to think of. That is a 20% chance on
both editions of the game. And finally is the feather. That fox definitely killed
a chicken for that feather. You murderer. You animal murderer! Well, there is a 20% chance
that the fox has a feather on the Java edition. And only a 15% chance on the Bedrock. Foxes will attack chickens. And here, here, here they go. Rabbits! Baby turtles, as long as they are on land. Oh my god, that poor baby turtle. Cod, salmon and tropical fish if they’re in water. Oh, actually, I guess not. If they’re out of water, too. Look at them. Oh my gosh, these poor… They’re like fish on land. And there’s one more thing
that foxes will attack and it’s a little bit of a technicality, but if you happen to
get a fox to trust you by breeding two adult foxes, which we’ll cover in a little bit, then whatever mob attacks the player then the fox will hate that
mob and attack that mob. If given the choice between
land creatures and sea creatures a red fox will choose land creatures. Well, what, where’s… Hey, we had a script. And you went off script. Choose the land creatures. (fox howling) There it goes! Oh my gosh! Finally. Holy moly. That took a little bit of time. But if a white fox, or a snow
fox, is given the same choice, but let’s just see how long… I’m just gonna go into game mode, spectator, he will go, he got pffff… (fox squeaking) (water splashing) for the water creatures! First! So red foxes will aim
for land creatures first and then white foxes will aim for these water creatures first, which I think is a super
interesting detail. Foxes do have enemies and they are two of them. One is a wolf. And as you can see he gets super
mad, runs out to the foxes, not a good day for the foxes. Foxes do happen to be
faster than the wolf, so they can run away as long
as he doesn’t outsmart them. The other natural enemy is the polar bear who will sneak up on foxes and attack them which is really sad. I mean, come on, y’all
live in the same biome. Some of the time. I mean, maybe that’s why you’re
mad, ’cause they can also be in just the taiga biome, and you’re stuck in the cold biomes. I’m in survival mode, and as you can see, the foxes will flee
from me in survival mode whenever I try to get close. But foxes will not flee from me if I’m just a little bit sneakier, and, there’s a turtle there. And I just sneak up on a fox. So, if you have to breed foxes, which we’re about ready to get into, then you should sneak up on the foxes ’cause then they will not run away. And the moment I unshift, hi! Hi foxes, I love you! Breeding two foxes is fairly simple, just sneak up to a fox
and feed it sweet berries that is sort of the
ingredient that they need in order to breed. And you can even do this
while they’re sleeping. So he’s takin’ a little
nap and he just munches straight on those berries, then when the two foxes
get close to each other they will be in love
mode and produce a baby. And what you can kinda do,
is do what I’m doin’ here, and get those foxes closer to each other, oh, I’m failing, I’m very
much failing at this. But you can get them closer to each other by runnin’ at them. Or, if you just happen to
find them during the day, they’ll probably be asleep and you can just sneak up
on ’em and feed two of ’em that are really close to each other. One and two, make a baby. So this offspring will trust the player. So they will be basically a tamed fox. As tamed as you can get with a fox. They will attack mobs
that attack the player and they will not run away
like their parents will whenever you come by,
if you’re not sneaking. Obviously if you’re sneaking then they’re not going to run away. That is as close as you
can get to a tamed fox. Now when they are still
babies, they’re goin to be attached to their parents. And that’s just kind of what all babies do is they attach to the nearest adult. And so if the adult runs
off then the baby may follow and run after them as well. So it gives the impression early on that the baby is also not
tamed and scared of you but truly they are. I’m being very very sneaky and I’m going to trap these foxes in
some sweet berry bushes that’s gonna slow ’em down. They’re not gonna be able to get out. And they’re gonna be so upset. Well… Psych. Berry bushes, sweet
berry bushes don’t affect the foxes at all, they won’t
be hurt from the berry bushes like the player will, and if
you step into a berry bush you get slowed down quite
a lot as the player. And that doesn’t affect the foxes at all it’s like their natural play
toy is the sweet berry bush. This fox here is in a too deep hole and the chicken is on the
other side of this wall. Foxes have the very unique ability to jump to get to the prey
that they are seeking. Foxes have the very unique
ability to jump for their prey so sometimes you’ll see
a fox take a wild leap to attack a creature. And sometimes this can be done
to jump over walls or fences in order to get to the
creature, which is super duper, like, look at that, oh
my gosh, look at ’em go. That’s amazing. If a snow fox does the same technique sometimes they can get their
heads stuck in the snow which is like the most adorable
thing you’ve ever seen. I think when they’re like
super into killin’ this chicken I don’t think he’s gonna do it. There he goes. There it goes! His head got stuck. This guy, I’ve killed all the other foxes except for this guy, he’s
kind of been our jumper. You gotta jump for it man, I’m not gonna just let you… (chicken clucking) He’s runnin’ right up to that chicken. Come on! No, that was the worst
jump I’ve ever seen. There he goes! Oh, oh, nice. Oh, he jumped. I feel like it’s like when
he jumps and he misses that’s mostly when he gets his head stuck, is if he attempts to jump and then fails at actually
hitting something, then that is when his head
gets stuck in the snow. Now I already mentioned
that foxes are nocturnal but there is some pretty cool
trivia when it comes to this. And that is that the
fox is actually one of only five mobs, including the
fox, that will sleep at all. And the other mobs are the player, which almost doesn’t count, and the fox itself, almost doesn’t count, so there’s really only three other mobs that will fall asleep. That is the villager,
the cat, and the bat. So mobs that fall asleep are actually pretty rare in Minecraft. And if I do say so myself they’re super adorable fallin’ aleep. This to me is super interesting, and that is that foxes
will not fall asleep if they are within 12
blocks of an armor stand. The armor stand itself spooks out foxes and they will immediately wake up. Let me see if there’s any
other foxes in the area. Here’s one. You havin’ a good sleep? Armor stand! That’s right, wake up. Armor stand. Foxes are affected by any
of the statuses that food, like when they eat the food,
that it would give them. So I just gave this
fox a poisonous potato. I set the time to night, so
hopefully he will wake up and maybe munch on that poisonous potato. There he goes. Oh no! It was poisonous my friend. I’ve murdered you. But this is true for all
things that can be consumed including this chorus fruit. And that will mean that
once this fox eats it it will teleport away. There he goes, he’s eatin’ it. Wom, em, bam bum! Magical fox. And my favorite thing when
it comes to all of this eatin’ and holdin’ stuff and what not and how it actually affects the fox, is that if you give the
fox a totem of undyin’, and then the fox dies while holdin’ it, come, come back here fox, you’re not makin’ my job any easier, (crashing) they will activate the totem
of undyin’ and not die. So that fox has the resistance effect and other generation stuff that a normal totem of undyin’ has. You are no match for my magical fist, though. One thing that I think
is very clever though is that foxes are attracted to villages so when it’s nighttime
and they roam around because they’re nocturnal, they’ll actually head into a village. And in the new villages,
they do have sometimes stalls with things like chickens inside of them, oh man, here’s a stall but
it doesn’t have any chickens, so the foxes will sort
of ravage the village which I think is super duper cute and really unique. There you have it, there
are all my fox facts! Say that five times fast. Fox facts. Five fox facts, five, fast, fff, it’s a frenzy. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of OMGcraft. If you enjoyed it please give this video a big ol’ thumbs up. Also, make sure you
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