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  1. That's just Bosch extrusion bolted to a 90deg tee. All the tee bolts etc are Bosch, no invention there!

  2. I bought my aluminum tee nut fence in the late 90s
    Nothing new there

    Bought from Peach tree woodworking supply's

    I have on on my table saw and my router table ..

    Best thing ever made ..

  3. Mark,
    I like this idea a lot but think the prices they are asking are out of touch. $350 for a 48” fence is bordering obscene. I’d think they could do far better in profit on volume if they charged half this much …or less. There can’t be much more than $60 in parts here. Maybe a pro finish carpenter can rationalize this – I can’t, especially since I already have all the jigs I can use made for my Biesenmier style fence and they work just fine.

  4. I didn't notice the date for your super cool tool video for the table saw fence. How do you like it now that you've used it for a while? I'm thinking of getting one myself, just hope it will fit my 3 h.p. Steel City table saw.

  5. Hi would you be able bring a video on building sacrificial fence for those who don't have dado blade

  6. Hi,you should bring a video in build sacrificial fence for table saw who don't have dado blade

  7. This shop was great, and the envy of me… However, your new shop in CO has personality and really screams you and your family!

  8. Hi , I have a dewalt745 table saw and I like to upgrade. I live out of US and is not possible to find inch iron tubing, as VSCT shows in drawings to build own support for the fence. VSCT help me and provide options to build the rail with metric tubing. Other option that I am thinking to buy is incra, at the end the cost will be the same. Any comments about which choose?

  9. I already have this kind of fence but mine only has a single track on the side. Do you think this is a problem?

  10. Marc,
    Sorry to be redundant but on Video 3 you state you just up graded to the INCRA TS-LS fence system. Do you use the Very Super Cool Table Saw Fence or are you using the Incra TS -LS system? I am on the fence on both of these but only want to purchase one. Thoughts as per feature/benefit of both from your experience?

  11. I owned this fence, it was a extremely dangerous. Notice the video never shows it being used.

  12. Good stuff looking after those that scratch your back. Especially when it is a great product! Cheers, Aussie Sean

  13. Sadly I have the "same" Craftsman (1990) saw with the "must adjust both front and back" fence every single time it is moved. I have to measure from the fence to a slot because the distal end kicks to the side when I lock the fence down. I don't know if there are good aftermarket fences for such an old thing.

  14. great video….can you tell me what plastic material you added to your fence and can you point me to wherer I can purchase it?

  15. I've learned a lot from both the wood whisperer and askwoodman. Good to see them support each other.

  16. Your new shop has an echo in the audio. I too have a drywalled shop with high ceilings and it can get loud.

  17. In regards to the Biesemeyer fence, do you know if their still made in the US ? I'm going to replace my Delta unisaw with either the Biesemeyer or a Vega fence.

  18. May I ask why in the US even professionals so often use normal table saws and then attach all kinds of aftermarket add-on´s to increase useability and accuracy?
    If you do that, and have as much place as you do, why not use a panel saw with a real sliding table? If you look at saws from Felder, Altendorf and others the possibilities with these saws are endless and you can cut almost any size any way you want.

    Please do not not understand this as me criticising you, I am genuinely curious. Are panel saws just unpopular in the US?

  19. Shh!!! Speak softly… Whispering.. Wood you'd better do what I want or you'll be firewood..
    Thanks for the review..
    I will be making myself something similar for my old Craftsman' table saw that was great grandpa's..
    ROCK ON!!

  20. +The Wood Whisperer, I see this video is from 2012. Do you still use this fence? And if so or even if not could you please do another video showing where you are currently with you fence issues. Thanks and love your channel the most. i am a very new, self and youtube taught woodworker just getting started.

  21. I was thinking about replacing the side of my Table saw fence with an extrusion like you showcased here in your video. Pretty simple and a trip to eBay to get the length I need should work. Thanks

  22. Great vid good sir but what would recommend for a table saw for someone who is just getting into wood working please ????

  23. Man what a beautiful workshop you have very nice and clean and filed up whit tools i only can dream off. Awsome

  24. + Steve….is that a quote from the wood whisperer "had one didnt like it"…incra ts? Noticed he had that system ep. 30 "somebody feed me"..outfeed table, then he revised his outfeed table yrs later and poof…no incra. Curious on anyones take on the incra system….especially why its gone from WW's table??

  25. macduff used the same extrusion for the fence, but the biggest difference and thinking out of the box is the fence being fixed or stationary on the the table which slides left and right to by pass the blade for the width of cut up to 49 ins, it is pure dead simple with no deviation ever. It has a name. slainte mhath


  27. I just checked out there web site to see about getting that fence, WTF. that's way too much money for that. IMO its not worth spending that much. (I'll pass)

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