1960 Bear Archery Kodiak – Grayling Green !

1960 Bear Archery Kodiak – Grayling Green !

well afternoon guys as you can see I'm out today shooting the new to me bear Kodiak this is a this is 1960 or 61 model Greenglass you know that traditional bear green glass which I love it's got that that uh that like Brazilian rosewood or African mahogany or something going on with the risers on these stuff like the whole the whole bow itself next to the glass and took me neither the rest of the wood I made for whatever in the limbs and I restored this one up it had a taped on front side and old adhesive 60 40 50 years old worth of adhesive on here from my old front sight post somebody stuck on these and the rest was still the original big leather rest with the lines through it you know just dry rotted up so we put all new new bear fur on there and a leather back and it is just a beautiful bow I had a pretty much brand new Flemish twist string to put on this some cat whiskers and that's about it traditional just shooting instinctually I don't really have an aiming system you know down it's it's more just an instinct type of traditional recurve shooting that I do I know some guys do like the string walk and things like that but I guess I'm more kind of looking at the tip of the arrow engaging you know the elevation on the tip of the arrow is to how I'm up or down from center mass of the target that I'm trying to hit it's just so not as precise for me as shooting the void protect the target compound that you guys have seen in other videos but I this is what I learned or my dad had an old 70s early 70s I think it was a bear green glass I think it was a grizzly with uh it wasn't a super heavy draw so I was able to kind of get on that as a kid and learn the fundamentals of archery and now this one's only a 40-pound draw as well this Kodiak this isn't on Kodiak hunter or Kodiak Magnum or anything like that 60-inch amo so it's a you know fairly long recurve which I like and I can't really shoot recurves and bows with like zero let off you know unlike the compound bows where they'll have 40 50 60 70 percent let off once you get it past a certain point with the cams and then you're only holding about 60 to 70 percent of the draw weight of the bow with recurve that's just not the case you're holding all of it and I've got a torn-up right shoulder that I sustained an injury on that shoulder three years or so back when I was training Krav Maga so it's still not right you know this shoulder who knows eventually I may have to get some type of surgery or something on it I know there's like a little bone spur in there and and that could be contributing to like pinching a nerve or something so I can't shoot the real heavy draw weight recurves but 40-pound drawl is fine it's plenty for deer hunting as well that's what my other bear the Sonoma recurve was that was a 40 pounds off and it's just a whole different animal when you come out and start shooting traditional again and that's compared to most of the year I was shooting or half the year I was shooting the the protec the holy compound with my you know target sights and it's almost like firing a gun you know is compared to one of these so you know it's it's it's you kind of got to go and switch your frame of mind up as to how you're shooting and you know how you approach shooting you still kind of got to do everything like I explained in the last archery video you kind of got to do each thing the exact same way to stay kind of consistent with your shooting and it's no different with traditional no sights just instinctual archery or string walk or however you're doing you know your aiming point with a no sight recurve or longbow stick boat stuff you know so it's it's a I hadn't shot recurve since the shoes late last spring maybe it was last fall or winter I don't know there was a video on it and I came down here and shot the other bear that I have and so it's been that long since I shot you know traditional style with the recurve I took a few shots with this after I've restored it up out in my backyard and it went pretty good but those were the only shots I've taken in six seven eight months you know on a traditional style belt and I love it it's just you know it's fun for me to come out here and shoot something the way that I originally learned how to shoot archery and sorry about all the road noise but it's a major interstate off out of the woods at this range and this is the same range I've been shooting that ever since probably 1979 something is when I was a kid and my dad used to bring me here still here still going strong I love this range but yeah I picked this bear Kodiak up for 100 bucks didn't have a string on it as in a friend of mine that I buy most of my firearms from gun shops let's pawn shop and it was just laying up on the shelf and no string I looked at it good didn't have any twists not much at all the glass coming off there's a little bit of spots up in the top of the limb here from probably cat whiskers or something hitting the glass but it's barely there at all no delamination and it was just solid man and I was excited to get it because I've always just loved the old bear especially the green glass grayling Michigan era stuff yeah we still got like the you know the I believe the coins in this era were aluminum it's got that see the glass lamination going up the front that famous you know off whitish green into the green glass and then into the wood there's your new pair fur for the rest and let's see if we can get in on the that famous there's your bear with your patent Marx grayling Michigan and then the front got your bear Kodiak right up there on that green glass there is your reinforced tips and it's it's just a beautiful bow man I just love this bow I love the aesthetic of the bow it feels great it's got a nice fairly slim grip on this one you know a lot of recurse come especially the ones today the Sonoma that I have and there are a few other than new manufacturers well not new manufacturers but oh I forget the once Samak those bows they're coming with a fairly thick chunky grip and I kind of like the more narrow grip that this one has so this thing just fits me perfect you know I love it so let's do some more shooting things shoots so smooth and quiet – I love it [Applause] sound like I'm gonna hit something in that target on that yeah you notice I don't take a lot of time to just sit there and hold it and aim it I'm going with you know that instinctual style that uh you know I guess kind of fredbear had an instinctual type style of shooting of course I'm no fredbear but man is it fun to just get out here and shoot traditional again with one of the originals 1960-61 err bear Greenglass Kodiak and believed bear is making every issue of like the 59 which had like purple heart wood and leather wrapped handle and minutes going for like pretty big box I think six hundred dollars it's it's somewhere in that that range I've always just preferred the green Glassman's though I just love that that look on beyond the Bears so guys with that I'm going to shoot a little bit more and have a good day here and it's a little chilly but not bad no real wind so that's a plus and tighten up these roots a little bit which there don't look that bad getting a few off the off the paper but that's to be expected with the new bow and getting getting some personal time with the bow to get comfortable with it as compared to what I was shooting my other bear Sonoma so with that guys you guys take care I'll be talking with you guys real soon

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  1. Man I learned on a recurve bow too seeing this reminds me of the good old days and shooting about 50 arrows a day till I got good and went bow fishing makes me want to pick one up again.

  2. Good video. I am an old school shooter who has been shooting a Kodiak Magnum for 50 years now. I'm not trying to be critical but the Flemish twist strings are not recommended for these recurves. You should use an ordinary string for best results. Enjoy your bow!!

  3. I really want one of these larger bows. At 6โ€™1, 200 lbs, I want a larger 60โ€ with a heavier draw. 55# or 60#.

  4. Probably 61 due to the glass color. 60 are more collectable due to the risers being improperly dried at Bear. Caused risers to break. 60 also had a more greenish-yellow glass.

    Would love to get a 61 Kodiak with the spring arm 4 arrow quiver at some point. Enjoying my 98 Takedown currently.

  5. ………..A very nice bow and a pleasant and relaxing video………..Archery has always fascinated me . I started out as a young teen in the early 60's with a Shakespeare solid fiber glass bow at 40 pounds and spent many a happy hour with it. Much later in my 30's I watched a family member at a family reunion shooting a Fred Bear Whitetail II compound and I bought one in 1988…..from Bass Pro Shops for $109 on sale…….44 inches axle to axle with soft cams and adjustable from 55 to 70 pounds….A very forgiving and pleasant bow to shoot……….Making the circle complete a few years ago I bought a PSE Sequoia longbow at 45# and 68 inches long. The return to simplistic instinctive shooting was very nice …..Still, the most accurate bow I have ever shot is the Whitetail II compound with a simple three pin sight and string peep using Easton aluminum shafts…….Please keep making archery vids….I enjoy them very much.

  6. Hey bro I shoot a longbow I had custom built it 27 in at my draw it pull 55 pounds I really love shooting it I've shot compounds but never hunted with one I shoot cedar arrows with real turkey feathers I just like the old way but I have friends that shoot compounds and that's cool to me if you take a deer life your a hunter regardless of which bow you shoot but that's a beautiful bow bro.Take care and God bless.

  7. You should definitely do more archery videos. Way cool. Got to love the ol' Kodiak or any bear for that matter.

  8. Nice video. The vids this year are off to a great start. This question is unrelated to this video's content so forgive me for that. I really wanted to buy a Spyderco Endura 4 but then I saw your video's about the Buck 110. Now I'm considering a 110 instead of the endura. I'm 16 and just starting to form my own opinions on knives and a lot of other things so I want to make a choice I won't regret in a month or two. What do you (1972 woodsman and community) think?

  9. What a Beautiful Bow Man,These are one of the best bows ever.The Buck 110 of Recurves those Bears are.Thanks Man,Loving this Years Videos brother Godbless

  10. I got one of those bows but smaller and its made by the same company i got it at a flea market for $10 its a good bow (made in canada)

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