2 Trains Race WB at Horseshoe Curve!

2 Trains Race WB at Horseshoe Curve!

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  1. What happens when these trains get to the top of the hill at the Gallitzin tunnels? I assume one of these trains has to stop and yield to the other. Or do they both go through the tunnels and the east bound traffic must yield?

  2. Reminds me we haven't been to the Curve in a while. About time to do something about it.

    Great video!


  3. Very nice video, i like it, I already subscribe your channel, visit my channel and subscribe back please 😁 thank you, Greetings from Indonesia Railfans

  4. I'm sitting here at work sneakily watching this video (muted in case the boss shows up) and im thinking "why did they start the video so much before the trains actually show up?" Then I went back, turned the volume up and heard the rumbling/screeching at the start of the video and then I understood why:) Just awesome! Great video. Feels like I was there (except Im glad I wasnt…I think all those bugs would have drove me nuts).

  5. Great video and location. Is this spot accesible to the public from the viewing area on the inside of the curve?

  6. Not sure if that D9 on the ballast train was dead in tow or what. But that train must have been very heavy since it also has pushers and is clearly getting outrun by the longer hotshot; both trains have four engines although 21M has more horsepower. The SD40-2 on the ballast train is the best part of this clip naturally.

  7. If I would know how to get to the spot without trespassing I would do it.. I was told this part of the hill has a lot of snakes there. Trains go into emergency the conductor has to watch where they step when walking the train..

  8. This is one place on Bucket list to do 2 trains with the Clouds in the Back the shot doze not get any better this Awesome video!!

  9. Great train video! I subbed, sub back? What a curve for the train track on the mountain slope1 Wheres the place?

  10. I've been to the Penn Horseshoe curve. Although this site is great with it's 3 tracks and visitor platform, I like the Horseshoe curve in Caliente California better. It's a location just west of the Tehachapi loop. First of all, it's quite dry with no pines or deciduous trees so there is a clear view all the way up the hill. It's a single track but at the watching area, there's a side spur that always has a train waiting. And it's seems almost a loop, the curve comes back on itself so much. So when a train is coming west from Mohave or "down the hill", it first appears at a level at least 1000 feet higher than where you are, way up by Rt. 57. You then know about 10 minutes later, that train will appear at the top of the hill to come down into the valley where the curve is. You can follow it coming down the 2% grade and follow it all the way around the curve, right by you at the crossing gates, and then continue past a usual waiting train on the side. I'm not a professional videographer otherwise I would post my IPhone video's of the place. Maybe I still will.

  11. Question for you railroad veterans: Since trains no longer use the caboose what stops a highjacker from decoupling rear cars?

  12. CSX and UP jointly run a 90 car produce train from Seattle,WA to Amsterdam,NY five day service,Train starts out as UP's "Z" train to Chicago,IL CSX crews it (UP units are now run through power) from Chicago to NY, the warehouses(which are refrigerated) built on both ends for this train service was built in a horseshoe shape to accommodate the whole train,after it gets emptied it runs empty back to Chicago,UP again crews it to Seattle I believe five trains a day run this route,it is the only train in the system that has priority over all regular freight, premium UPS, stack trains and even Amtrak service. (From a story in the the magazine Railway Age.)

  13. i want to go there but i am worried it will be crowded with other railfans taking up all the space and stealing all the good shots

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