32 Replies to “2 Yr Old Wakeboarder”

  1. Screw all of these haters it took me a bazillion tries and that kid git up on the first try and im 12

  2. Yall need to grow up this kid is 2 not 12 okay at least he's getting started and why don't you ask yourself what you first time experience was cause I bet it wasn't good probably not even as close as this kid he's 2 years old normal people would smile at this and say dang wake board is getting out there and it's inspiring all ages

  3. That kid is awsome. Wakeboarding is one of my favorite sports. Just got done with a run bout an hour ago. 🙂

  4. At that age its awesome that he is trying to wake board and he did alot better than I did my first time. Screw all the haters.

  5. @aarpskier umm yah u idiot the kid does get up he's just learning i bet you can't even get take it from a real wake boarder i give props to that kid !

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