20 min Plyometric Training Workout Circuit #LLTV

20 min Plyometric Training Workout Circuit #LLTV

all right I have another high-intensity interval training workout for you but why am I still in my car because the tennis court that I want to use is still being used so if they're not off within five minutes I think I may go over there and challenge them to a Greek wrestling duel that's right so if I come back after the break and you see me with black eyes that means I was very unsuccessful you may have to wait till next week for another workout or if I'm on the court that means I took them out all right they have vacated the court we didn't have to do it out but I'm still in my car because it's windy out so I should explain the workout to you while I'm in my car I may have to use music to overlay over the workout because the wind may screw it up I hate the wind when I'm filming anyway the workout is going to be very simple all you need is your body weight your tabata timer you could use a jump rope and you can use a ladder but you do not need those last two things we're going to go through seven different exercises 60 seconds each you're gonna repeat that circuit two times a lot of jumping in this one a lot of explosiveness a lot of fast twitch muscle fiber work in this one you're going to love it let's work keep it going down you up Oh so there you have it guys that was about a 20 minute workout you're going to do three circuits of those seven exercises 60 seconds on 10 second break in between each exercise then take a 30 second break in between circuits you can see the sweat is coming down my face sorry for the audio was too windy out there for me to talk during the workout so hopefully enjoyed that music as always guys please click that like button below subscribe and share these videos tell me what you want to see on future episodes by leaving a comment below we're gonna be back tomorrow food Wars time it's now time to get a protein shake and recover see you guys tomorrow thanks for watching this workout video for more videos visit Brad cutthroat fitness com cut that subscribe button at the top of the screen or if you want to watch some more videos like this food wars on protein or my water cardio workout click those two thumbnails at the bottom of the screen

27 Replies to “20 min Plyometric Training Workout Circuit #LLTV”

  1. To raise your vertical jump, you need to know correct principles, right practices & methods with the correct eating plan

  2. @obrian 
    Me too ! In a short period of time, I gained 5" higher. It has helped me so much that even other players have noticed the difference. The program is an excellent tool for people who are wanting to reach their vert potential.

  3. I just discovered your youtube channel today. Great videos. I have currently gone from 247-166 in the last 20 mths and am on the push for the last 20. I really think some of your videos are going to be a great help to me in that. Thanks for creating a great youtube channel!

  4. the link to the tabata timer is in the video description above…or go to my website and click on the "Items I Dig" link in the top navigation.

  5. tjanks for the great workout that you can do at home. speaking of tennis, do you have any tennis specific workouts that will improve speed and power? i already do hiit workouts about 4 days a week, and try for some cardio only days about 2-3 days. i also have 2 one hour tennis drills per week. Thanks

  6. You killing me with this workout.. Feel like dying.. Sweating like damn.. Awesome workout.. Looking forward for next plyo from u brad.. Thankz

  7. go with a normal jump rope. i like to focus on burning out the calves/legs and it defeats the purpose being weighted as your shoulders burn out before your calves/legs

  8. I'm taking this workout with me on my upcoming trip to the Caribbean. 🙂 And the pool workout – for sure!

  9. You deserve so much more views !!!!!! I've referred like 3 people to your channel so far and they are now following you !! Keep it up 🙂 Love your videos !

  10. Hey David, a jump rope is my fav piece of home equipment. Also the agility ladder is an inexpensive piece that is very useful.

  11. hey brad what kind of equipment would you recommend to buy like that most efficient one's? i'm go try this. i'm addicted to these's video!!! !

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