20 Minute Arms & Shoulder Circuit Workout // with Dumbbells

20 Minute Arms & Shoulder Circuit Workout // with Dumbbells

hey you guys what's up it's Kate we have an arms and shoulder circuit workout today we have three separate circuits to work through we will go through each circuit two times it's gonna be a lot of fun grab your pair of dumbbells and let's go hey you guys what's up today we have an arms and shoulder circuit workout you have three separate circuits to work through each circuit has three moves in it and we will be going through each circuit two times got it make sure you have a pair of dumbbells could range anywhere between five to ten even to fifteen if that's where you're at with your current fitness level I've got my timer set for us today that's gonna help us get through it alright so let's get moving let's get stretch out with that upper body just kind of reach into the side warming up our waistline warming up our laps this is gonna be a lot of fun we're doing biceps triceps a couple of plank variations and of course we'll hit those shoulders with those planks as well all right give yourself some bear hugs are right here hope you're feeling fantastic hopefully you're feeling energized and strong and ready to do this workout with all you got all right always make sure you listen to your body of course don't overdo it but challenge yourself to what you know you can handle alright step to the side we're gonna lunge down and up down and I'm just kind of warming up the hip flexor warming up the lower body even though we're turn it specifically it is going to help us to get our heart rate up just a little bit all right now as you go down I want you to swing your arms up and back down up and back down we do a three one here three two and one switch sides couple lunges right here just bringing up that heart rate getting the whole body warmed up there we go good work now swing your arms up how'd you come up there we go there it is you guys nice work getting those arms getting those shoulders Oh warmed up here we go good work we're going to do some arm circles we'll do 10 on the way back and then we'll do 10 forward getting it all ready you guys ready to crush this one it's gonna be a lot fun it's gonna be challenging but I know you can do it alright switch to full Ripple's we're doing 10 total heart rate starting to get up just a little bit blood flow it's getting to those shoulders that upper body three to one side of your mat we're doing the inchworms all right if you've done any of my workouts before you'll know this is one of my favorites because it really just warms up the whole body and a whole swoop let's do three more here again you're just walking it out back stays flat once you get out to the back and then you're scooping it up two more here we go and one more great job couple our bear hey bear Hut I am gonna get our timer going in just a second first move up the circuit is crossover mountain Tigers mountain climber position crossover knee over this will really get those shoulders working and moving got it that's your first move on the 15 second rest break I'll tell you the other move right let's go it's going to start right away so get ready all right in that mountain climber position side to side crossing over make sure those shoulders are right over the wrists you can always bring your knees down if you need to and go knee tap to elbow here whatever works for you okay breathing through the move here we are good job almost there three two and one great job 15 second rest grab your dumbbells the move we're doing here our tricep kickbacks hinging at your hips and kicking a straight back elbows are glued to your side got it here we go let's go hinge and press make sure your neck is not all the way up or all the way down keep your spine in line with your neck pressing it up good job the job don't swing them I'll bust it nice and tight here we go almost there and rest good job keep your dumbbells we're doing front and lateral raises so that's here front bring it back down and level front and lateral if tearing if daring the move here we go if Darien the move you need to switch to alternating front front lateral lateral that's totally fine do what works for you this is the first time through it so setting the pace so you stay strong through the entire workout there we go I'm switching one at a time great job here make sure you're not swinging it there it is 30 second rest that was our first time through that first circuit to grab some water if you need it all right so you got this all right we're going to do that one more time through again that's our first circuit we have our crossover mountain climbers triceps kickback and then that front and Lutter worries down on the ground you guys let's go and cross it all they're mountain climbers here if you want to pick up the intensity you can always go here got it so we're working our shoulders but we're working on core as well zipping up those ass keep it up and I was again slowed it down come to your knees if you need to don't have your tush way up or way down make sure your back is nice and neutral there it is alright 15 second rest it's not much of a rest use it for your transition get ready for the next move reminder and you get your hips and you'll press back boom here we go hinge a and press press it back keeping those elbows in nice and tight neck is neutral with your spine if you need to you can always alternate as well that's an option so you're pressing back one at a time these are soft you're just a little bit of a hinge at the waist there we go almost there whoa great job alright that next move is the front and lateral raise so let's do it get ready I'm already sweating not sure if you are but I'm working let it go front and lateral see what I'm doing I'm just going to shoulder height front and lateral right there not swinging nice and controlled make sure your muscles are doing the work okay you can always switch to one at a time there it is Oh almost there you guys keep pushing where it's at almost and we'll alert it we're at the end of that first that first rest okay we're at that first circuit so great job two more circuits to go I'm gonna have you grab some water okay tap it side to side here we go you guys alright so next move is going to be push ups so we're going to go down on the ground push up here you can either do a full style here full military style here or you can go option two here off of your knees alright so that's the first move of this next circuit ready let's get down on the ground and here we go down and up great job down it up here it is good work you know I was so full if you want to you can go wipe your hands as well remember don't sink your neck down keep it nice and inline with that fine good work three how much they are two and one rest here I'm going to show you the next move the next move is a half Wood chop so we're going to start with the right leg up I'm gonna take your dumbbells and you're going to go across your body down and across that's what it is alright we're doing this side for the full 30 seconds next round will do the the left side here we go and across and across add the dumbbell comes down you're exhaling and pulling that core in nice and tight your arms and shoulders should be feeling it I know mine are you can ranked up there it is alright next move our rear delt slice that's gonna work the back of our shoulders hinging at your hips and you're flying up just like that all right let's go hinge back is nice and flat neck is in line with your spine and you're flying back alright just shoulder height not looking up not looking down okay if the dumbbells you chose are a little too challenging to go both at a time just do one at a time here we are you got it push through these last five seconds keep it up whew great job that's your thirty second break so grab some water if you need it great great job all right tap that out if you give yourself some shoulder swings those really got the the rear deltoids back here all right make sure your core is in nice and tight let's head down to the ground so we don't waste a second push-ups here ready do what works for you can go the full style here every don't protrude your neck okay if you get tired there you can always come down to your knees core is nice and tight we're working our shoulders our chest our arms here home up there you got it you got it keep going there it is great job so second time through on the half woodchop get that left foot up now we're going across the left side of our body ready it's going to go from up to across here we go breathing out as you take it across your body work at that core but also those shoulders those arms great great job you guys standing up nice and tall chest is out across and up great job you guys whoa there it is 15 seconds grab your other dumbbell get ready for that rear delt fly alright so again hinging at your hips and flying just like that got it all right let's go you guys last move of this second circuit we're flying through it breathing out as you push that dumbbell back all right so it's right there you're getting it you can always go alternating alternating and then do one together it's up to you a couple different options just keep moving there it is all right that's your one-minute right grab your water great job there third circuit this is going so fast hopefully you're feeling amazing and still energized so keep up with me what we're gonna do here is a bicep curl to a press and back down bicep curl to a press and come right back down right back that you can either do a hammer curl when it's them your palms are pasted in or you can to rotate it up with the bicep curl and then point your palms together again at the top it's up to you all right just keep moving you can give yourself your shoulder shoulder shake shoulder rounded shoulders bear hugs get that whack cup of water if you need it get those dumbbells all right here we go curl to press and back down my knees are nice and soft curl press and back down there you go curl press and back down you guys you're doing it great job breathing through at the top core is nice and tight don't forget about it all right good job so next move you can either do this with one dumbbell or two just going to stick with one I'm gonna take the base of the dumbbells in both hands my elbows are going to be glued to my the side of my head and I'm pressing up okay let's go overhead triceps extension her right here nice and slow working the back of those arms neck is nice and still don't go too fast through this one at the top squeezing through those triceps your knees are soft breathing out great job almost there keep going there we go there's your rest next move is back to a plank you know I love my place so but for the shoulders so great for stabilizing your core you're here shoulder tap shoulder tap option two right here ready let's get it play shoulder tap shoulder tap right there the wider your feet are the more of a base you have you bring your feet in it'll be a little bit more challenging he is don't let it shake too much right here stabilize core is pulled in nice and tight option two don't don't forget about your options great job whoa all right that's your 30 second rest break for that third circuit we only have one more time through it to complete our arms and shoulder circuit work out well love these quick ones all right so that third one remember it's the bicep curl to the press all right go and get it around you guys up on your feet you got your dumbbells let's go curl to press nice and controlled really making sure those biceps and shoulders are doing the work for you not momentum side curl and press hips are nice and still don't swinging it's talking to me the talking to you great job all right there's that first move second move up the second round is the oh the overhead triceps press elbow is glued in nice and tight and pressing all right here with me let's go 30 seconds push through that great great job breathing out as you press no momentum will really push it through squeezing at the top to those triceps elbows are glued in you don't want them way out here pull them in nice and tight press press almost there three two and one Wow okay who knew what just one dumbbell to do for those triceps right all right last move give it your all it works for you all right and plank it up shoulder taps right here nice and still there we go tap and tap option two right here push your shout listen to your body do what you can to finish this up almost there three two and one great job wow that was awesome all right roll those shoulders up we'll do a little bit of a cool-down great job rolling your shoulders back we'll switch to going forward here in a moment Wow my biceps triceps shoulders and core definitely felt that one I'm going to stop our timing here we're just gonna do it quick cool down bear hugs here keep that blood flowing good good work we're definitely going to take the time to stretch out those triceps so go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back since we just finished that loop pull the elbow tour back towards your your head chest is up nice and tall you're pulling that elbow towards your head stretch out that tricep oh good work hold this for a few more seconds like let's make sure we stretch properly one switch as I said before we want to stretch to make sure we're promoting blood flow we're preventing injury and we're protecting our fitness games that's super important we want to be working out for a really long time right pull that through just a few more moments all right good job I want you to cross your feet so over your right one over your left you're gonna grab your right wrist and you're gonna stretch toward the left alright if it's a little too much balance for you just uncross and just stretching that out so you're going to be stretching through the transcript and down through the lap there we go good work you guys switch so less left foot over the right grab that wrist and stretch it to that side there we go a few more moments breathing through that good work we worked those rear delt flies with the planks and the taps and the with the rear duck flies as well so would you wrap wraps for your hands together and around your back drop your neck slightly just like that so you're stretching out the back to the shoulders stretch in through the neck and around out your shoulders whoa all right you guys that was your arms and shoulder circuit or circuit workout hope you loved it again if you are new to the channel make sure you subscribe below this video hit that notification bell so you're always alerted when I post a new video however you can always find a new workout video every Monday morning at 5 a.m. see you at your next workout

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  1. I can't wait for you to do this circuit!! You're going to love it! Comment "STRONG ARMS" when you're done!! 😊

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