20 Unique MMA Striking Combos (Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing)

20 Unique MMA Striking Combos (Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing)

what's going on guys Shane here so today I'm gonna share with you 20 MMA combos that you can add into your arsenal and you'll notice my style here is a combination of boxing Muay Thai and Taekwondo the three arts that I trained for a combination of 16 years or so so that's really going to shine through I want to take this time to promote my seminar that's on this Saturday so if you're in the Los Angeles area definitely come check it out it this is sort of a sneak peek of what to expect a very small fraction of what I want to teach so if you like the combos here you're going to love what you learn at the seminar high kicks for MMA and for Muay Thai kickboxing but we're going to go over stuff that other people don't train and don't know how to defend against like axe kicks Crescent kicks setting up trick kicks like submarine kicks may not even know what that one is so definitely come check that out tickets are right here or in the description below we would love to have you guys there the seminar is powered and sponsored by quest nutrition so definitely check out the VIP packages that we have available – all right guys let's get it started with our first combo all right first up is a very Dutch style kickboxing combo starting with punches and finishing with a kick jab to the body jazz to that cross long uppercut and then finished with a low cut kick you can slip a punch when you throw a jab to the body and then stand up tall for a jab to the head follow up with a cross right down the pipe then you're going to lift their head up right on the chin with a long uppercut doesn't have to have a ton of power but you get them off-balance heavy on their feet step out and boom crush them with a leg kick and then in shadow boxing when they get in habit of following through and checking the possible counter kick they're alright so there's the first combo up next now is sort of a dominant cruise or a TJ Dillashaw combo you're going to throw a double jab but on the second jabo when you shuffle your feet into a southpaw stance lead hook and then finish with a kick alright so a jab nice and long then you're going to shuffle your feet in throw the same side jab lead hook now from the switch stance and then you can throw a head kick or body kicked leg kick and then again follow through with your check so jab shuffle jab get in habit of doing that it's a great combo there in itself alright third one now is just a boxing combo for speed so we're going to go lead uppercut rear uppercut lead hook cross roll cross all right so we're just going for hands beat here lead uppercut rear uppercut you should be able to roll them out really quick alright follow up with the lead hook and then the cross then you're going to roll your head underneath you see this diagram here going underneath of a left hook create that angle and then follow up with a cross so a little bit of a longer one here but if should be super quick number four we got sort of a Stephen wonderboy Thompson combo working our Taekwondo so it's going to be a lead sidekick cross hook and spin into a back kick alright so the side kick is like a jab of the foot alright nice and long to the body as you come back cross lead hook and then you're going to pivot through here and then striking with your rear leg for that spinning back kick can do a ton of damage if you land this and creates a lot of distance – all right working our muay thai in combo number five here it's going to be a cross lead hook stepping in for an up elbow and then we're going to post out so cross that lead hook creates an opening we're going to come right down the center with that up elbow spirit throw and then post out create that distance so that you're not there for the counter elbow common number 6 is another boxing combo we're gonna start with some defense and then counter to that so a common combo that your opponent will throw is a one two so we're going to parry the jab helmet guard the cross then we're going to counter with a cross of our own step in let's work the body with a left hook to the body and then same hand to lift up their head with a left uppercut cross then we're going to slip their counter and then come right back with another cross at a beautiful angle right there all right number seven is great MMA combo I actually stole from Phil Davis Bellator fighter it's a Superman jab and then you're going to step into a deep low cut kick alright so you're going to fake the teep Superman jab kick that leg back step out low cut kick and again check follow through so you can block the counter combo number eight is a page right out of fluid Mayweather's book we're going to stay in the filler shell stance and bait our opponent with a poke counter and then counter to that so we're going to lean back keep your chin tucked and then counter with the cross the lead uppercut and then when we throw our pivot hook I want you to draw your rear leg back so we create that 90 degree angle so that you're out of the way for any counters all right combo number nine is some more traditional muy Thai we're going to throw a fake jab head kick and if we miss we're going to follow through it with a spinning elbow so fake the jab get them to react head kick let's say you missed because they pull back follow through and throw that spinning back elbow all right number 10 we're going to work what they call the Gazelle punch alright the leaping lead hook like Joe Frazier so this one covers a lot of distance and it's good to get on the inside we're going to throw the jab and then we're going to slip the cross we can get on the inside and they're exposed now for a hook to the body all right really dig in there and then go with a hook to the head sort of like what Mike used to throw a lot if they back up that's we're going to leap in and throw that gazelle punch I both feet leave the ground same time both feet hit the ground same time all right number 11 we're coming back to the Superman punch but off of a counter okay so once our opponent throws a kick we're going to check it Superman punch right off of that kick then we're going to step in for the flying shuffle name all right Superman punch take a step forward shuffle flying knee right to the chin for the kil all right common number 12 is a tricky Taekwondo combo we're going to do a double shuffle to confuse our opponent and then go low high with a double roundhouse kick all right so double shuffle low kick is just a snap kick now no power on that same thing with the high kick but if you catch someone on the heads and do a ton of damage alright number 13 isn't the most realistic combo but I thought I throw it in there because it looks cool it's a wheel kick to an aerial you get a lot of momentum with this wheel kick here technique is key and then a no-handed cartwheel or an aerial to finish and then this one you're going to do it and then flex and look cool at the end all right comet number 14 is a Mike Tyson combo here it's going to have a lot of head movement from the peekaboo stance body head combos and then finish them with a cross all right slip to the right slipping the jab slip to the left slipping the cross back to the right and we're going to roll our head underneath to get that dominant angle for the hook to the body with that same hand you're going to lift their head up with the uppercut and then boom take them out with the cross all right so slip slip slip roll body hook uppercut cross all right coming back to more traditional taekwondo stuff with number 15 is going to be a snap kick to the chin follow up with the same side side kick alright so front snap kick and then put that foot down right into the side kick work in the body two strikes here but a great combo alright comet number 16 is one of my favorites Frankie Edgar or TJ Dillashaw combo here great for wrestlers you're going to fake that shot step in and then we're going to land a head kick alright so you faked the shot so that they sprawl or at least lower their level then you let them up with a cross step forward for the lead head kick I definitely practice with this one this one's great some more traditional Muay Thai stuff for number 17 we're going to start off with a flying knee to cover distance get on the inside to the clinch work in a throwing elbow and then of course you always want to exit the clinch and the smart strategy we're going to talk about this we're also going to go over a lot of clinch stuff in the seminar so again tickets are in the below cool alright so number 18 now is another boxing combo but we're going to work the paul away so it's a jab pull the hand down of your opponent to create an opening literally drop in their guard and then you're going to follow up with the lead hook so it's almost a guaranteed way to land a punch alright so throw that paul away punches if it's a cross pull down on the hand lead hook alright combo number 19 we're working inside kicks and back kicks again starting off with an oblique kick a kick right above the knee then we're going to reset and throw the back kick so set up with a feint jab oblique kick right above the knee that's stopping them in their spot when they come forward they'll walk right into your back kick alright last but not least number 20 is just combining boxing with our muy Thai so we're going to block cross step out for the lead leg kick so we're gonna slip to the right and keep that opposite hand up just in case throw the cross step out and then land that body kick could be to the header to the legs as well alright guys so some of these are simple yet effective and other ones are more advanced either way you want to bring something new to the table you want to have mastered the basics of course but it's always good to be unique to stand out from other people and throw techniques that other guys don't have a defend against and I will teach that at the seminar be sure to follow me on snapchat too so you can get these these combos of the day when they come out alright guys until next time i'm shane with fighttips thanks to all of you who have subscribed so far and for everyone else who's watching helped us get to a million soon till next time i'm shane with fighttips self defense for the underdogs

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  1. I get black belt teakwondo and learn mma extra because teakwondo do have really effective and powerful kicks but on ground skill and short range attack it has a weakness to it so to cover this judo and boxing muai thai is good skills to cover weekness of short range attack

  2. I actually used number 10 a lot last Sunday sparring with my friend who says he knows a lot about boxing

  3. shane what is the reason of shuffling in combo 2? and in number 4 if you side kick someone wont he be further than cross range?

  4. I watch stuff like this because the high I’m at is like bad gangs everywhere so if I’m gonna get jumped I know how to get someone one by one ps gang only know how to box not mma

  5. Awesome combos really helpful- but man you go way too fast, I found myself rewinding every 5 seconds. Try to slow down a bit, OK? That's my only complaint, thanks.

  6. dude your the best i learned number 1 number 6 and number 11 and it helped me alot in self defense im 13 years old i started doing martial arts 2 years ago and these moves helped me alot to defend against some of the bullies in my school thanks alot!!!

  7. hey fightTips can you please follow me back on Snapchat just for a few seconds so you can see my message I left for you.I need help.I swear you can unfollow after you've read the message. follow me at lastkingz_xvi.please

  8. Hey man I really appreciate these videos and you're a fucking beast. I'm gonna try some of these combos out first chance I get! 😉

  9. can you make a drill combos for females like me. I would like to know some combos from Rhonda R and Holy H.
    Great Channel!

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