42 Replies to “20 Ways to Practice a RoundHouse Kick | Taekwondo Training”

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  2. hi samy! i know this is late but i want to ask you where did you buy all these taekwondo equipments (in the background) including the ladder and that high gray thing you stepped on? 🙂 Ty!!

  3. nice ways to practicing …..but I have a problem ……I m muscular so I can't stretch my side split nd give some some tips about how to kick free …….yesterday I lost my match very badly 😢😢 so pls help me

  4. Well, beside all the comment nonsense comments. You are an amazing fighter. I have learned from you. Thank you. I really wonder how old are you. Keep it up and hope other generations & youth will be proceed with these sports.

  5. It is a shame to tkd to call that a good kick…. 30 years ago a girl kicking like that would never be a black belt.

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