2009 Corvette C6 Z06 Review – The Perfect $40k Sports Car? | Mod2Fame

2009 Corvette C6 Z06 Review – The Perfect $40k Sports Car? | Mod2Fame

I love it that nasty Papa what's up everybody is stuffing here from matzo fame and we are back with another video man today we are doing something super excited for me at least because we are driving one of the cars that I always always always wanted and that is you'll see it beauty montage in three two one since each daily despair alright guys so there it is a 2009 Corvette zo6 why did I say in the intro this is like my favorite car or at one point my favorite car is because of the disruption at this this car had on the supercar industry it was a sports car that was competing with exotics and supercars and beating them the c60 6 to me is sexy wide angry sound is impeccable and with very little mods you can go pretty damn fast as you're gonna see in this video right here we're gonna take this thing out for a spin and you're gonna see what ball tones and a cam can actually do to see 6006 now the question is is this car out of it is this car now done is this car now a rat I'm here to tell you at an average price of $40,000 dog I highly highly doubt it but I don't want to talk too much let's jump into and let's drive it I'll talk to you after the drive come on I also here we are inside the 2009 Corvette c6 zo6 as I said there's been a lot of talk about the c8 coming out so the question is you know is this still a good car to get is this still a great car to buy is it a car that you still want in your collection considering that a new car is coming out now this is going to make this car now two generations behind in 2020 when the c7 start to actually hit the streets we're gonna do is drive it a little bit you know I'm gonna give you my natural impressions on the car and then we'll take it from there so for right now let me tell you a little bit about it by putting up the window so that you guys could hear me clearly blast in the AC so that's one thing Corvettes have good a AC and uh let's ride out a little bit man rock rock with your boy so the C fix the old fix baby then this car when it was introduced I believe this car it actually started hitting reviews and stuff like that back in oh six late oh six as a oh seven model and later six the car hit the streets with 505 horsepower and with 505 horsepower with a car that only weighs thirty one fifty between 30 150 and thirty two hundred pounds you have a very very dangerous combination right you got a lot of horsepower manual transmission and lightweight big motors seven liters seven leaders is the LS seven motor which is in this car so with that combination this car came out and was destroying super cars destroying super cars it was running quarter miles at 11.6 it was just ridiculous what it was doing and then when it was hitting the tracks it was running really good times at the track so you know after the c5 the c5 was already a great car it was a great step in the right direction for Corvette but the c6 they really got a lot more right in the Z and the introduction of the zo6 was the first time that Corvette actually changed body panels on the car the C 5:06 it was a it was a better motor in O three of made 405 horsepower and it had revised suspension it had revised wheels but it wasn't addressed difference in the look outside of the fixed roof once you left the targa models but now with the c6 zo6 they made the car wider a lot wider and the car came from the factory with a 325 I believe worth no 325 tires from the factory and this thing was able to hold 345 tires in the back without an issue and that is with the 18-inch wheel in the front 19-inch wheel in the back with the c60 six being such a big deal in the car community Corvette was here man and it was here to stay as it always happened but it was now a staple it was a force to be reckoned with along with supercars because of the level of performance that that it put down so let's fast forward now this car is o9 the year today in 2019 so this is a ten-year-old car so the question is with the ten-year-old car is it still relevant I would probably say so now there's a car behind me I'm not sure if it's a cop or a volunteer firefighter but it does have lights so we are gonna just chill for a minute I was going to do a little poll for y'all but now I'll leave it alone save it so back to the basics of the architecture of this car what Corvette did with very old technology honestly because a lot of the parts are interchangeable with the c5 literally mas t5 has the full suspension from this car I took I took its shocks I took its sway bars I took its in links I took its leaf springs everything and it's transferable right over to a c5 so they took what was pretty awful technology man and built this from it and that's what that's what Corvette recipe always was in terms of getting the most value for dollar this car does that extremely extremely well it was also the first time that Corvettes were this expensive this particular car with fully optioned out you know was tipping $80,000 high 70s $80,000 which for Corvette was a really big deal so those are all your basics with a factory c6 vo6 right but let's talk about this one because as you know I'm on to fame we don't do stock cars this particular car has really been worked it's still naturally aspirated but the buck stops there because the car is cammed the car has reworked heads the car has a fast intake a fast 102 it has upgraded fuel rails slightly upgraded fuel system and the car is tuned it has Nitto and to.5 are tire in the back it has a short shifter it has custom exhausts Kooks headers I mean this car is built really nicely I might add when I show you on the hood as you can see now you can see that this car is really well put together so with that combination we haven't dyno this car yet but we will my buddy Anthony at Broadway Auto Brokers this is his CC oh six he found the car in North Carolina just like this already built like this so hopefully the old owner of this car sees this video and bugs out and lets us know exactly what he did which exact parts were used but what we're gonna do is find out how much power it makes in a future video we're gonna take it to our buddies over at in track tire and put it on the dyno and see what type of power this thing is making with the mods that it has now what it should be making with the mods that it has from what I know of c60 sixes this car should be making probably around 520 to about 540 to the wheels 522 540 to the wheels in the car that this light makes for a very fast car and we'll do some data recording later to let you know exactly how fast it is from 60 to 130 there's no space on the street for me to do 0 to 60 plus is pointless on the street will reserve that from when we go to the air strip and we'll test the 0 to 60 s and we'll probably do the testing of the 60 to 130 there now that I think about it but driving this thing man is so sweet it has again aesthetically the car has I believe that anniversary wheels or newer model wheels on this one still 1920 all blacked out looks great man the cars come together great but anthony has more plans for this car he plans to do from lib side-skirts diffuser rear wing all of it carbon fiber so all of it is gonna be really sick when a car fully comes along but I just couldn't help myself man I had to jump in this thing because this is a car that I always wanted myself I always wanted to see 6006 just because a man it's just all together just a sick car I will let the roll clear up a little bit I'm gonna stop talking for a while and just give you guys a couple pulls to get your blood going all right let's go all right so let's treat it like we're going into a 45 drive down a 40 second year 40 let's do 45 1 2 [Applause] oh my god they sound so nasty bro 50 role this time one [Applause] bonkers bro oh my gosh oh my gosh yo I go fritzy up I'm not saying it's the fastest thing in the world but it is fast like this fast like legit I'm done I'm done I'm done back to the AC Wow I'm done that's it I mean what else would you possibly need bro for a fun weekend car this car handles amazing as well we're not near any canyons today but trust me when I tell you to car handles absolutely amazing we're gonna take it to the track this weekend actually we're taking a car to the track so I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs at the track but I know it's gonna do amazing I'll talk to y'all in a minute when I get off the car give me a second all right real quick let's talk about this this other thing value right I keep seeing value for dollar well let's talk about the value for dollar this car can be had any oh six 209 can be had just under and little over $40,000 men this is a lot of car or 40 grand bro a lot of car and I'm talking about one with a nice one like this car right now has under 20 thousand mouths so under twenty thousand miles and it's like that it's crazy bullhorn right back got a little loose things that I don't like so far though I could tell you guys the shifter is really nachi this one is a Henson it's a Henson shifter and it must be one of their most aggressive ones because it is like super notching and I don't I don't like it I don't feel like I can grab the gear as quickly I guess maybe it's getting used to but a slight super hard but otherwise you can just drop your window on a nice summer day like today and you know I got the car in good beer right now I'm going 60 miles an hour and it's pleasing alright guys so there you have it just took out the C 6:06 and as you guys can see super duper excited super duper great time man and the crazy part is the way to this car performs is now it's hot as hell out here today that's the beautiful thing about naturally aspirated it does suffer from the heat but nowhere near as much as like the hell like my Hellcat where it just it's a totally different car in heat this car still runs strong still runs hard that being said I can't wait to test it on a dyno to see what type of power puts down which is gonna come in a future video I can't wait to test the 62 130 on this car and a zero to 60 on this car which we're gonna test on an airstrip coming up real real soon but anyway if you like this type of video you know what to do like subscribe and share also hit the notification bell so you don't miss no more videos going forward but until the next one it should boy stuff in here from mods are faint and then the beautiful black triple black seasick vo6 we out we have

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  1. Classic πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I like that 09’ Still β™₯οΈπŸ‘€πŸ€©πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. I know a guy who bought 2 z06 when the first came out one for him and one for his side chick when we were working at the Uniroyal Goodrich tire plant talk of the town lol🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  3. That is why I lo e corvettes – you see god in peoples eyes when they hit the gas πŸ˜‚πŸ’―πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. A very underrated car, especially with the C7 Z06 being that ultimate bang for the buck IMOP. I know I slept on it! Keep the vids going bruh!

  5. Toyota played safe with the new supra now with the new vette NO ONE cares ,,, heard a yellow cammed z06 with exhaust about 7 year ago in my block,, told the driver to step on it we still about it NASTY ..

  6. I had one 2008 black zo6 had it tuned 457hp to the wheels and mind was 550 hp tuned with a hurricane ram air kit only 8000 miles

  7. Hey brother, I have a 2008 zo6. .black on black. It's bone stock, but it's a beast none the less. I love this video. Thanks for review! ! Now I'm going to mod it out! !!

  8. yo I saw a 09 corvette with 99k on it for about 17.5k at a dealer…. Do you think its worth it. Most of the stuff from jusgt looking at the car fax have been fixed.

  9. The C6 Zr1 is what im going for nothing more, nothing less. The greatness of that car and you never see it riding around like the other corvettes.

  10. I love corvette all models .. It was and is like the American super car I really love some of the really older models always wanted one.

  11. The C6Z is an iconic car. 427ci of brute force! Heads, cam & full exhaust, you're looking at 600whp all motor!

  12. Yo Stephan ,liking the vet man, wish I were you . Enjoy While You got them keys …I think I might even go get one in a few months, maybe. I Have like 5, 6 cars on my list I don't know which one To get. Maybe you can help me decide.

  13. First you introduce me to Gwen on your channel, and now you’re reviewing c6z06s… I like the direction of the channel. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

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