33 Replies to “2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships Final | Female -46kg”

  1. Reason why Korean win is because
    1. It is genetics… im pretty sure its in their blood
    2. They have been training every since they were young
    3. It is their sport… they want to rule their sport

  2. I can just the people hating on the Korean girl but the truth is the Korean girl was better and more talented in the end that I why she won

  3. I think at 11:33 she did hit her cuz you can tell when she blocked she hit herself with her own hand….idk if it’s makes sense but eh.😂

  4. Okay, Who else gets triggered that it’s all tapping with the le leg and that they never CLOSE THEIR HANDS!!!??? (Le leg is front leg)

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