2015 Male Trampoline World Championships Finals

2015 Male Trampoline World Championships Finals

take trip to start half in half out trip Ike tuk for triple start there keeping that really sexual then a straight to finish great really out trip Ike oh well what a shame Rudy out trip pike pike trip this is good so far this guy gets so high we do drift pike pike race this is good need to hold it together now then it's great to finish often have piked trektop it's traveling a bit but he's fighting to keep it there illustrate again we finish Rudy out trip Ike make trip – half hour trip a tuck troph there this is good it's working hard keeping it right in the center minute straight to finish Budi out truth pike pike dress oh well that is such a shame Rudy outra spike five dress full of difficulty here just needs to hold our third gold medal event but very well said all of the guys there so there's final confirmation don't go late

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