2016 Archery Antelope Hunt

2016 Archery Antelope Hunt

we're out here on our antelope hunt we went and talked to a landowner out here and he's gonna let us hunt on his place so we set up our blind kind of where they come through this hay field and we he said it would be this afternoon before they come in so we kind of went for a little Drive cruised around check that's a new country didn't we and we just stopped here for a lunch so we're getting ready and getting our stuff ready we'll get a little cooler if there's any snacks left huh we've had a few snacks today already but we're gonna go down there and get in our blind here in just a little bit and bake for a while and hopefully we get some antelope to come in we can get us a doe we just have a doe tag we bought as a leftover so wasn't our choice of a hunt but I'm glad we found a landowner we have to hunt on private land that's irrigated so we called the game and fish which they're really helpful they give us a list of land owners that want hunters to come out and hunt so we we went and met with a landowner this morning and and they said sure come on out so so we're gonna do some huntin right are you excited Ranger has to go to school tomorrow kindergarten first day so got to get this hunting over with before school starts okay so we're in our blind we're on our way in here and I really doable 70 80 yards from the blind she kind of she's seen us and took off so keep our fingers crossed that they come by us I'm sure they'll come in to this hey right here so that's where they get their water and feed so they'll be back hi Ranger all right well looks like they're headed this way so they're a little bit they'll be here well I kind of botched that got a little antsy and didn't wait for her to stop and I don't know if I was worried about him stopping or not but she only went 75 yards from us and bedded down and she expired right away so not the best shot but I still feel it was ethical so let's go over and get her picked up and get home huh all right well we got her right here so we're gonna get her quartered up and we're gonna get in our ball game cooler bag huh get her cooled down right away and that's how you get them to taste good is get them on that ice right away I think so get her in there and get her cooled and get her home and hang her up in the cooler

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  1. Congrats! Great to have the kids out early and teaching the next generation of hunters. Also, the lifelong memories for both of you. Well done Sir.

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