14 Replies to “2016 Lancaster Archery Classic: Men's Open Pro Shoot Up Finals”

  1. I'll agree to disagree, not quite what it should be in my opinion.
    Just think the archers should be introduced , then maybe interview them before the shoot starts , or after it's done but not keep asking questions, between ends , this is the only format that I see where their concentration is interrupted between ends. Imo!
    But still think it's a great venue! And You gotta give it up for Lancaster and all the sponsors!

  2. I'm new to competitive archery, and I'm just curious. How does one reach this level of competition? I mean, I assume doing well in local competitions figures into it, but what about national level? Is it invite only? Is it open application? Is it guaranteed based on previous wins?

  3. I can't tell sometimes if Jesse is starting to shoot or play the Fiddle, but he just may be looking down at his shoe strings…

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