25 Replies to “2017 Lancaster Archery Classic: Barebow Recurve Finals”

  1. Guy talking can talk as much as he wants to-he sponsors the event. Demmer-awesome archer really that dresses like a circus clown? Why?

  2. Back when instinctive shooting was normal we would make fun of shooters who aimed down the shaft like these guys.

  3. How is it "bare bow" if you have an arrow rest and a counter weight? That's more like semi barebow, isn't it?

  4. Give them a break! The fact is archery is common to all human civilizations. If you want to nitpick than maybe you should get back on your PlayStation and be a legend in your own mind. The criticism you level should be at yourself. Archery is humbling and truly is a discovery of yourself.

  5. cool footage and comp. i think i am gonna shoot barebow there this year i live close by. . in the back yard i can occasionally get dialed and shoot a 240 without a stabilizer or a plunger and a $100.00 bow or my hunting barebow setup. see you there :). i will be happy to shoot good enough to win my entry fee back

  6. that was an interesting match. I have a 32" for my second bow I use for barebow and form practice. Might be a good idea to introduce this category in my area.

  7. i dont know who thought it was a good idea to have that guy with microphone its kinda frustrating watching and if your playing it cant be good for your focus

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