27 Replies to “2017 US National Table Tennis Championships – Finals”

  1. Nice! ive recently made a video showcasing the Dictator Ma Long. Would really appreciate it, if you check it out!

  2. I wish the commentators would have shut up while Lily was being interviewed, it would have been nice to hear from her, I think it's kind of dis-respectful

  3. Lili Zhang is so skilled to succeed in three times National Table Tennis Games among the USA. Congratulations! I finished all her videos recently and absorbed in her stable mindless and skills.

  4. I wish they would go back to Sean and Cory. The lighting was terrible too. I had to fast forward to the finish it was so hard to watch and listen to.

  5. It was great to see the Finals but I am sure by tomorrow's Tennis Channel Telecast we will be able to hear the Trophy presentation and the interview with the Women's winner off course.. Had some technical difficulties.

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