2017 World Taekwondo Championships MUJU _ Final match (Men -68kg)

2017 World Taekwondo Championships MUJU _ Final match (Men -68kg)

44 Replies to “2017 World Taekwondo Championships MUJU _ Final match (Men -68kg)”

  1. What the fuck happened to tae kwondo ? Wheres the turning kick, reverse hook, axe kick? These fighers are bullshit

  2. New tkd rules comletely ruined the taekwondo. Old school taekwondo was the best. Old taekwondo was having both things like power and speed. But this new teakwondo is just waste and non-sense.

  3. I’m so disappointed of spending years practicing TKD, my goal was always to knock out my opponent, but this is more like ballet, not power on the kicks, what’s the purpose? I’m changing my profile picture and never talking about this again.

  4. Ugggg. They are killing Taekwondo. So heart breaking. When did this happen? It’s not a fight anymore. It’s just silliness. Greed and arrogance did this.

  5. So I watch some videos about really cool flying rotate advanced fast kicks and come to see more, Ive got a leg tapping,
    its not even strong. This is a fight or what?

  6. At the Olympics level, I expected much more from this fight. They were mostly doing leg tapping. Winners would want to be in short range distance, and beginners would want to be in long range distance. This fight was in between, and the female division was much more entertaining and fast.

  7. If this was ITF, somebody would be knocked out in 2 seconds. BTW, WTF focuses on self-defense, not the shit you see here. (Coming from a WTF black belt)

  8. You guys just too much talk, if you in that ring you all will know, how hard is a competition with real life fight

  9. Once there was a saying that never get into fight with a person who knows boxing taekwondo or wrestling …
    Well I guess for taekwondo that was old saying, these taekwondo fighters now a day is leg fencing, fighting like girls this taekwondo isn’t for self defence …..
    They know nothing about timing, speed, power, accuracy, reflex, defence and calmness in their fight .
    They don’t have that mentality like boxer or other sport players, they are just afraid to kick because they are afraid to get hurt .
    U wanna know what real taekwondo is take a look at old school taekwondo, u will see those deadly players with deadly legs .

    P.S I’m Taekwondo black belt and MMA fighter I know what I’m talking about .

  10. karate is better, seem the korean uses hand to block like karate, tae kwando is for weirdos the have no use for hands, in real combat your actually going to fight with body and legs hahaha

  11. If the 20v20 amour chest n head guard takes place of this sensor guard system the game will be more improved I thought

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