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  1. THIS MUST BE FORBITTEN!! IT IS CRUEL, IT IS UNBELIEVABLE, IT IS PAINFUL, IT IS DISGUSTING AND ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS !!!! open your eyes ppl! We have to stop it for those beautiful and amazing animals!!!! Can't you feel them suffering!? Them screaming to stopp it!? Them falling to the ground because of absolute exhaustion!! STOP IT!!

  2. I love to see the riderless horses, especially when they continue to jump. It's like theyre saying this guy was holding me back. I got this

  3. Won money in Tiger in this national, dunno why I didn’t stick with him this year. Rule one if a horse makes you money bet on him next time. Worked for Oscar time

  4. Racing these animals with animals riding them. To the point they’re exhausted. The jumps are taller than the horses. It’s no wonder the horses are getting killed. So they ban fox hunting and not this kind of race. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. We all have to admit how this horse has now made history this with his third (I think) win at The Grand National this year. The second time in around 45 years since the amazing Red Rum. At only 15.2hh tall with the oldest jockey he has brought home another trophy for the team that keep him running, Gordon Ellliot and Davy Russell! Incredible!

  6. Who voted for tiger roll I did and tiger roll won 🏅and I won 27 pounds for tiger roll and I vote magic of light and we won 53 pounds so in total I won £80

  7. The Grand national should be band 😡 as its is one of the most cruel sports out there, these beautiful animals forced to run & jump over these oversized fences, and some may die in the process as has happened in previous races, all for the entertainment of over feed, drunken, snobs, and women with more paint on there face than was applied to the titanic, plus a lot of commentators talking absolute crap 💩 makes me 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  8. More horses will be killed by horse racing today. If idiots stopped betting horse racing would be gone.

  9. Pleasant Company looks sure to go off at a much worse price than the current 16/1. There are several others that look capable of winning at big prices: https://www.everytip.co.uk/top-5-outsider-horses-to-win-the-2019-aintree-grand-national.html Tiger Roll looks way too short.

  10. Why does no one want bless the wings? he is 100-1 and came 3rd last year! Aniable fly came 4th and is more favourited! sadly aniable flys jockey is injured so who will ride her? I went eachway bless the wings 100-1 and ramses de telliee eachway. I aint doing 3.5/1 on tiger roll who aint gonna win…. even if he does its not much of a prize ;/

  11. Er, sorry… but exactly which part of “The Grand National is a really cruel race” don’t you people understand? Its history is littered with dead horses, as is that of the Cheltenham Festival (7 last year alone); check it out if you don’t believe me. National Hunt racing should be banned, full stop – and I say that as someone who has loved and ridden horses all my life.

  12. the last few nationals were decent races. There were no fatalities and enough incident to keep the race unique. but this year WTF ??!! its like they have just forked the spruce onto the fences in a heap. The horses are just literally jumping through the spruce and leaving the plastic cores exposed. what possible reason can there be for this. its just a glorified cross country race now. there will be plenty of horses pulled up but barely any excitement on saturday. i defended the changes in 2013. But they have gone too far now. I wont be watching it anymore. its all about p.c and p.r now .fashion shows, rock concerts. the great race is now just a memory .

  13. https://www.regencyracing.co.uk/todays-special

    Was just watching this replay before tomorrows race and it looks like the ground is going to be heavy. I found this bet on the site in the link and thought I'd share it with you guys

    WINNING RACE TIME (If soft likely to be over based on stats. If good or better, likely to be under

    Under 9 mins 20secs

    Was Evs Now 6/4

    Over 9 mins 20 secs

    Was 4/7 Now 4/5

    Surely with the ground as it was yesterday the offer of over 9 mins and 20 secs looks a CERTAINTY

  14. Great flat speed I've had a mountain of dosh on him this year to win.Only needs to stand & in my view will win.Obviously he will probably not stand knowing my luck.

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