28 Replies to “2019 French Grand Prix: FP1 Highlights”

  1. Hi everyone. I have created an Android application that provides information

    regarding past and current formula 1 results.

    -A Quiz regarding the history of the sport. Learn something new or refresh your knowledge.

    – Driver Champions.

    – Constructor champions.

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    – Circuits by driver or constructor.

    – Constructors by circuit and driver.

    – Podium places for drivers and constructors by season.

    – Past season final driver and constructor standings per year or current standings for season in progress.

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    – Current season grid, qualifying results, race results.

    – Latest news by links to Motorsport, Autosport and Espn through RSS.

    – Engine sounds.

    – Set alarm and get notifications for upcoming events.

    – English, Greek, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian language support.

    Here is the link in case anyone is interested to give it a try. Android 4.2 or higher, requires internet connection.


  2. Fascinating look at all the new technology and design utilized to keep all those teams in the hunt for a second place finish behind Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team. Unfortunately, no one gives a prodigious dump WHO finishes second or third and F1 remains the worst joke in sports.

  3. dat cute Leclerc naughty smile….my Leclerc fangirl classmate be like 🥰pause,screenshot ,save then print to add to her Leclerc shrine 😂it's getting scary.the max i've done as a Stroll fangirl is have him as my cp and desktop and mcpro wallpaper and i'm shy explain to people what's it all about.only my bf understands.more like i forced him to understand 💞💘💓💗💕💖

  4. Another weekend, same story. Tyres tyres tyres. We as F1 fans should boycott pirelli. Let's make them a meme legend. Come on internet show us what you do.

  5. Richard Mille is totally rockin’ F1 😎he gots his name on those papayas and bananas
    isn’t he that gorgeous Daddy of Virgin Records and future rocketship tours to Mars?

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