1. Stopped at 8:08. My prediction, Casey because that's my name and I'm the older bro as well. Good luck man!

  2. Great Video. I love shooting trad bow. I too think it helps shooting Compound bows. Helps concentrate on your target.

  3. You didn't want to do the orange spots, I guess because you didn't have all day! You guys definitely need to concentrate on smoother form and follow through. We have the layered foam Bales and we will stick a water bottle cap in the layers to shoot at. Aim small Miss small. At least your 40-yard shot was on line Carry on!

  4. Well you need to come to full draw, turn your hat backwards to give your string a chance to come back all the way. Also if you’re shooting 3 split, index finger above the nock and you middle finger and ring finger below, anchor your middle finger in the corner of your mouth and if you’re shooting 3 under use you index finger in the corner of you mouth. If you’re having an issue with left and rights, either add more pressure if you’re shooting right and take away pressure if you’re shooting left. And what I mean by that is in my case if I was missing right I’d press my index finger into the corner of my mouth only slightly harder than the last time and see what happens. Traditional archery is definitely a guessing game more more than 90% of it. But as long as you’re making scientific wild ass guesses you should be fine on foam and paper lol

  5. Use a bow stringer or you can twist or stress the limb and practice perfect and you will be a better shot

  6. I am a trad guy and agree with Preacher Bear, gotta find your anchor. More reference points, the better. Examples, thumb locked behind the jaw, finger tip to corner of the mouth, string touching the nose… Fred Bear was a great snap shooter, but it typically lacks consistency. 🙂
    Pic link https://photos.app.goo.gl/1NnF9jjnWRaFyEEz7
    Would love to see HUSH flinging sticks at critters with trad gear!!!
    God bless!

  7. Maybe you could do a session at Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear and see if you could get Tom Clum or Aron Snyder on.

  8. Good to see you guys giving it a try. Trad bow shooting / hunting is a HUGE commitment, but nothing compares to taking big game with the Traditional equipment. Not a big fan of "clickers" but you could both benefit from trying one out to eliminate your short draw and also help you establish a solid and consistent anchor point… Head on up to the Pommerell for the Minidoka Bowmans 3D shoot and I'll help you guys out !!

  9. Flinging arrows is always fun, seriously though it’s not hard if you’d both try an anchor point on your mouth edge. Traditional archery requires some consistent form too.

  10. i would say you guys should anchor your hand on your face briefly before you release and consider using lighter, carbon fiber arrows. part of the reason your arrows are dropping a lot at farther distances it that the aluminum arrows are just kinda heavy.

  11. Lol you guys seriously suck at Trad archery. Awesome video but, love the Chanel big supporter of Hush!

  12. Fun video! I love the brotherly rivalry between you two. Congrats to the winner! But Logan will one-shot everything after living at the range until 2020 😉

  13. We have a little buck BB. gun in elk camp for friendly competition of course. I'm digging the traditional bow idea 🎯

  14. Always use a bow stringer to string a tradbow! You could end up with a twisted limb or even a lost eye at the extreme.

  15. Boom goes the dynamite! I'm guessing Logi-bear has been practicing… Going to call it before I finish watching in the true spirit of the video. Logie!

  16. Hey way to go Casey next Logan and les Schwab logo up on the white board at 40 yds I work at Les schwab thanks for the shootout always enjoy watching you guys

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