38 Replies to “24 Hour OVERNIGHT Trampoline Challenge!”

  1. I would jump on the trampoline, watch YouTube ( Cheernastics2 ) make up dances and play games and then go to sleep! Well try to go to sleep

  2. I’ve been watching this channel for 3 years and ive always thought they said "channel 62” instead of cheernastics 2

  3. Thank you so much for the idea this year for my bday I'm gonna have some friends sleepover and we're going to be sleeping on the trampoline😀⚛️☪️

  4. I once stayed on my trampoline with a friend for 7 hours because it got too cold to do 24 and that was pretty rough in the end. This year, we will do 24 hour in the summer. I hope we don’t get super bored😂

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