25 Minute Circuit Training – New Gym – Protein Packed Pizza

25 Minute Circuit Training – New Gym – Protein Packed Pizza

good morning good morning excited you excited yeah how you feel I'm excited so both upload videos that takes Wow and they're going to ninja yes want it but my hair looks like what's happening so it's a first day in our new gym I like the old school kind of garage I feel this is probably my favorite so I'm free we call three days back home three days it's big head a little bit so on three days we don't have a plan for specific workouts so we this is what I like to do go back and forth like I'll say exercise you know say one and I'll say one and we'll do a circuit of that usually three or four so like if I say jump squats will be my first we don't do mountain climbers just watch the legs abs and then push ups so then we'll do those three four whatever reps we think you do like three rounds so that's our free fun day we'll go back and forth some exercises let's get this circuit training going I'm personally myself to stop okay I send the circuit training kicked our butt it took us how long 25 minutes and I'm done so I'm gonna put some modification for some of the exercises on the end of this for some people give you some of the movements for mountain climbers make sure you have your hands under your shoulders bring you your knees slowly up towards your chest tapping your towel for dips place hands directly under shoulders either straighten your legs or slightly Bend bring the butt to the ground and back up for pull-ups you can do like I am by jumping up holding and slowly going down or using a band under your feet connect it to where your hands are to help for wall runs place your hands under your shoulders tap your feet up onto the wall as high as you can and back down and keep your stomach tight thank you guys for watching this video if it helped you please like subscribe and comment

17 Replies to “25 Minute Circuit Training – New Gym – Protein Packed Pizza”

  1. I love you guys. keep it up. BTW your videos have better sound action and better editing than him. but still he is also doing an excellent job.

  2. It's neat that you all have two different American accents!!! I am certain you have some miscommunication based on accent alone. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good stuff!

  3. Great gym! The next time I'm in Norfolk I will check it out…..Do they give discounts for people who mention that we saw the gym on HHG or Brix Fitness? "Excuses are monuments to nothing, that build bridges to no where and those who use these tools are masters of nothing"

  4. I don't understand how yalls gym is empty as hell.my gym is crowded as fuck and dirty you always gotta wait for a machine.keep going, you doing great!!!

  5. Hey y'all. Something with the last video was messed up. So I reposted this! This one os correct! Thank you for watching I really appreciate it 😊

  6. hey guys thanks for inspiring me to keep fit you guys are doing a great job. I admire your relentless and commited trainings you guys have. thumbs up.

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