25 Minute Fat Burning Workout – What Is Circuit Training – New workout partner- Vlog 008

25 Minute Fat Burning Workout – What Is Circuit Training – New workout partner- Vlog 008

40 Replies to “25 Minute Fat Burning Workout – What Is Circuit Training – New workout partner- Vlog 008”

  1. Gud video once again my brody, it was so hilarious wen melissa said she wasn't goin to sleep n she ended up crashin so hard…. lol. Ur fam is da shizz nit

  2. I admire your courage and commitment my brother. Started my transformation in the last week. Your videos are encouraging and informative and I thank you. Rock Steady!

  3. Recently started doing your hiit workouts and i love them …quick and easy to follow, they get me sweating hard….keep up the great work my friend👍💪

  4. May God continue to bless you & your family … continue to be of blessing to humanity. Thank you.

  5. I luv that you and your partner works out together I really want that. Building together on all levels make the relationship stronger. Especially if you workout together.

  6. Listen to The Alchemist on Audible, it’s a great book about following your dreams and how the universe helps you on the road to achieve them.

  7. My man I just found your channel. Let start by saying congratulations and on your success with life that you provide us with content all the time. Sir, the flow and heart spoken moments you share through you struggles with you weight loss is incredible. You 100% realist dude I seen on this topic out there so far. Man big props and please keep it up I was at 310 about 5 weeks ago and now I weighed in at 294.6. Not a lot of man watching your videos hits all key points on the struggle and blessings you experience everyday through this journey. Thank you stay blessed bro

  8. I can't imagine not growing up without a father. My father was the glue that held  the family together, my mother was harsh and abusive. Still you are an exceptional man, human being and father despite not having a father in your life to guide you. I find you to be an inspiration to me, even though I'm decades older than you.

  9. You can’t go wrong with the Bible. Shoot, you get to read more than just about the Greek people, but about the Egyptians, Hebrews (Jews) Ethiopian Babylonians, Romans, Ephesians, Corinthians, the Medes and Persians before they changed their name to Iran, the Philistines, even before all of them the Chaldeans. It’s really cool man! Psalms and Proverbs are really good to read side by side.

  10. Hey You really think 75 percent would be good eating wise? If so i shouldn't feel so bad. .. oh by the way check it shepards chapel they really breaks down the holy bible really good. It could help you with your daily battles

  11. Patience and motivation is key. I went from 225 to 200 doing proper diet and exercise. Just because it doesnt work dont jump channels and give up at the first weeks failure. It takes time to lose weight. You dont lose 20 pounds in 1 week. Brix im glad your using youtube as motivation man. Keep it up. Were here for you just like you are for us

  12. @BrixFitness Thx for this great circuit workout I tried it yesterday and usually would feel sure on waking up the morning. But I must say, I'm feeling GREAT!! I was actually wondering about the workout on exactly how many do I complete it…

  13. Bro your videos is dope and very encouraging i myself is on a weight loss journey. you have a wonderful family God bless and keep up the good work.

  14. You have charming children , they look healthy and happy , a true reflection of you, god bless you and your kids .

  15. you gots to study the Prophet Muhammad as a role model.. youl be pleasantly suprised and learn alot about his character.. then try to embody his character and see how people and the world around you changes imensley.. ul see how the world will obey you. peace and love Muhammad Mahmood

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