3-D Archery Apple Shoot

3-D Archery Apple Shoot

so it's gonna try to shoot the furthest Apple down there and Katy says good luck with that I'm just going to zoom in on the Apple dad so they can see last Apple people oh I only care if I hit this I don't care if I miss every other target Katy what do you think of that second of nice did you just break an arrow no you didn't know no he didn't okay first Apple now only three which one you go for okay nice nice try the second one very good the second one are you just missed that yeah the third one you got to aim high on ah right underneath you

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  1. Doesnt that get annoying? when you hit the apples and they go round and round and round the tree? how did you get them down O_o

  2. i have a browning micro adrenaline too , its a very good litle bow , i did not like the very big compounds πŸ˜€ hopefully the new string and the new cables are on it on the 1.1.13 there is newyearshooting in my club πŸ˜€

  3. @LYinKansas they go by way too fast…..I always try to enjoy my time with kids while they are little. thanks for the nice comment.

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