3 Serving Tips | Table Tennis | PingSkills

3 Serving Tips | Table Tennis | PingSkills

here's three serving tips to stop the aggressive return tip 1 don't serve too short if you're so really close to the net then the peak of the bounce is also close to the net and it's easier for your opponent to attack from this position but if you serve a little bit longer then the peak of the bounce comes right out to here and now your opponent is attacking from a lot further away from the net which makes it harder for them to make a strong aggressive return tip to keep the ball low if the serve goes low over the net then the bounce is also going to be lower which means it's going to be more difficult to attack tip 3 is to vary the spin in general backspin is the better serve to stop your opponent from being aggressive because the backspin is going to drag the ball down into the net but if your opponent is clever and can adapt then once they get the feel of your backspin serve it's important to then very to know spin and topspin so that then they need to make the change to get the ball on the table so your three serving tips to stop the aggressive attacker firstly don't serve too short secondly keep the ball low and thirdly vary the spin

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  1. Thanks for watching! For more serving tips visit the PingSkills website: https://www.pingskills.com/categories/serving-and-receiving

  2. i want name best rubber for Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Blade
    Play style
    spin ,Play behind the net , Short attacks, Chop , Resist attacks , ,And control,

  3. thanks.. my reversed pendulum serve are easy to attack because it was too short..
    Tip 1 is cool

  4. Hello Coach,
    When I play against chopper I lift the ball at very High height so what can I do to get the ball low.

  5. Hello jeff or alois

    How do you improve your reflexes in table tennis?

    The thing is I have really good strokes and techniques and i have decent footwork but its just i need to react in time when someone hits the stroke and stand where the ball comes

    Im using Jan ove waldners blocking tactics so thats my style and it seems that he had his reflexes naturally possessed

    How do i improve my reflexes? because my footwork is good, its just I need to have better reflexes to see the opponent on where he is going to hit the ball because its all in a split second and its very quick. If you can help me thank you very much for your time reading this comment :).

  6. how to play against a guy who is really good in chop(always play chop) and i am not really good in chop.
    please help..

  7. Trying to get the backspin serve to come back to the net but I never can get it working. Any tips?

  8. Hello alois or jeff

    Id like to ask you a question

    At the moment im 12 years old and i just started table tennis.My goal is to go to the olympics and vs the top players and its my dream, my coach put me in a national cadet league in london so i can get experience.The thing is I just have problems all the time moving to do my 3rd ball attacks and i feel scared to do a shot

    How do i improve my 3rd ball attacks?

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