40 Replies to “3 Tips to Improve Table Tennis Serve | Ping Pong”

  1. Guys he's literally a 5 time olympic winner stop saying is not pro or whatever look him up he's actually really good

  2. Thank you for your tips mate its very helpful for me 🙂 im beginner and im looking for tips like this !

  3. I used to play league and was also a coach myself. This guy absolutely knows what he is talking about. Very very good tips. However, I believe it might be too complex for amateurs/beginners to understand without practising those techniques. It will require 1-2 of regular training to understand what he is saying. Oh and I love the question "Is red or black side better?"!!!!

  4. I have been a PE teacher for 15 years and the kids love this video. Its well explained shows clearly how everything is done, and is simple. Good work

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