30 firearms stolen from Orlando gun range, ATF says

30 firearms stolen from Orlando gun range, ATF says

also developing tonight a Safety Alert as dozens of illegal guns make their way onto the streets I'm Matt Austin and I'm Lisa Bell tonight the feds are stepping in after a series of gun store break-ins in the past two weeks new Six's Troy Campbell is live outside one of the stores hit so Troy how did this happen well Matt Lisa investigators say last week four masked men entered this gun store here behind me the ATF says that the suspects actually appeared to be experienced with break-ins and they knew the locations of the surveillance cameras a system special agent in charge of the ATF's Tampa division Craig K LeMay describing three gun store burglaries that have put as many as 60 illegal firearms on the streets of Central Florida is going into obviously the hands of people who are not supposed to be possessing them so that's a concern as well these surveillance images released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office from inside the Oakridge gun range on South Orange Avenue showing four men with their faces covered detectives saying they showed up in these two vehicles stealing as many as 30 guns these are obviously individuals who have done this before they're aware the existence of video cameras so they've done pretty much everything they can do business yesterday federal investigators with the ATF say a burglary occurred at godfathers pawn on East Colonial Drive where several more firearms were taken dangerous weapons now in the hands of criminals of course we want to prevent a tragedy from happening and potential shooting or someone eating and it's a person getting shot by one of these firearms and it's not just here in Orange County the ATF says just today another gun store there was broken into so they say anyone with information should contact the ATF and they could receive a $15,000 reward live in Orlando tonight Roy Campbell getting results new six Tori thank you also

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  1. I don't understand why firearms are not secured in a vault. Roll down window covers do nothing. These thefts give the anti-gun groups more ammo when it comes to their agenda! I'm some states if a firearm is not secured and a child gets ahold of it the parent is held responsible. It's about time the FFL is held to the same level of accountability. If you are a demolitions contractor and have explosives on site they are secured in such a manner that no unauthorized personnel are getting near them. Firearms are no different. A year or so ago the gun show at the Orange County Fairgrounds was broken into! Who the hell was watching out, Barney Fife? This is BS. If the dealers won't enact change on their own, then the Legislatures will.

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