30 Minute Circuit Training Full Total Body Strength Workout with Dumbbells for All Levels

30 Minute Circuit Training Full Total Body Strength Workout with Dumbbells for All Levels

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  1. Another amazing workout – so glad I dug into the archives, so to speak! Thanks also for including the My Fitness Pal info. Have a great day!

  2. Love this workout. The slower pace, basic moves, it’s great. I used a heart rate monitor while I did this workout and was nicely surprised by a rate of 115 up to 140. I’m 40 years old so that was a great cardio workout too.

  3. Love this workout. Like taking it slow. 2 questions? On bent over rows should both feet be parallel or
    The one foot back where pulling up? 2nd question on the exercise when holding weights at the end and pulling up leg what area are we concentrating on? Thank You

  4. Thank you Jessica for this set of workouts. As usual, very instructive, very effective without being crazy. You are great.

  5. I love your videos. I have tried to do Jillian Michael's extreme body makeover (HIIT) two separate times. After about 4 workouts I end up injuring myself. She is just way too extreme. I have been looking for a more gentle workout, but still being challenging and working all of my body muscles. All of your moves can be modified to be easier or harder so I can progress and not get too crazy with extreme bouncing around. I have found my home. I feel like I get a great workout and it's easier on my knees. I have a Frenchie and love Peanut in all these videos. She has a real personality! Thank you for all of your great videos.

  6. These slow moves are always tough for me. I like to move fast but it is good for me to slow down! I actually was surprised because I have been doing my strength training at home for the most part rather than the gym and I don't have as heavy of weights at home. I went to the gym last week and was so surprised that I was able to continue using the same weight I had previously at the gym. You answered my question in this video as to the why. I would never have guessed that lighter weights with more reps would allow me to maintain what I had built! So awesome!

  7. oohhh I like this workout. needed something with a little slower rep rhythm. great to go heavier, or moderate and spend more time under tension. why am I just finding this now?

  8. This is an amazing workout! None of the moves are complicated, but there is definitely challenge in simplicity! My light weights today were my 5# weights vs. my 3# weights. It was tough, and I missed a few reps here and there, but I'm glad I moved up. The planks and push-ups were easier, too. I will definitely keep this in my rotation of regulars. Thanks, Jessica!

  9. Great workout, nice and controlled movements, i was able to follow you all time, i sweat and feel good, thanks for sharing.

  10. i REALLY enjoyed this. I love how I didn't need to stand on one leg or on my head to do the moves, BUT still felt my muscles get a work out!! ;-p

  11. I am am advanced exerciser BUT I absolutely adore this basic circuit training workout. I like to combine this workout with Day One for a total body blast! Thanks for such amazing routines to keep us fit through the holidays!

  12. Hi Jessica!  I was pretty sick with some kind of virus for most of November, so had to restart this challenge this week!  I had to rest a day in between  Day 3 and 4, but I love these new workouts!  Sassy even loves them more because I am totally sparkling and she loves to lick the sweat off of me as my fat cries!  I look forward to being able to complete the entire workout schedule in 1 week straight!  Thanks!

  13. Just finished again round 2 of Day 4 of the Fall Challenge! is such a great workout! it might feel like is slow, but it gets to you and you do get sparkly!! loved it again! thank you Jess! you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's see which one I do tomorrow!

  14. Another excellent workout Jessica. It took me a few extra days to get to do this one but me and my cat loved this one. The time flew past.

  15. Thank you for this great workout. I'm really enjoying this series especially because I can focus on my form to maximize effectiveness and prevent injuries.

  16. Jessica, your workouts are great. I set up a company workout program for our ladies using your workout videos. Everyone loves them, and their great for all age & athletic groups!. And thanks for the 30 day challenge, our girls are loving it.

  17. Great lower impact strength training workout. My Apple Watch read (with me doing some of the modifications for lower intensity) 35 minutes, 102 active calories, 143 total calories. A good one to add to my workout playlist for later.

  18. Doubled up today by doing day one & four for a full body extravaganza! My shoulders were DEAD by the end! I have adored this challenge so much! All these workouts have been fresh, fun and effective! Big thanks to you and MyFitnessPal for the awesome workouts!

  19. Those slow reps are tough! Definitely makes me feel worked to exhaustion! I am sure it is sometimes challenging to workout with the camera and continue to instruct with so much energy. I hope you feel it coming back to you from all of us who workout with you!

  20. Great workout, but there was no lower body toning! I was expecting some squats and lunges since you said it is a total body workout. It is only upper body and core.

  21. I just did this workout after I did several of your short HIIT workouts for a warm up. I loved it! It felt relaxing and empowering in the same time! I love how you give us so many intensity levels #jessicasmithtv

  22. Hi Jessica, what pants are you wearing? I'm looking for something similar, not skin tight like leggings. Where can I buy those? Thanks!

  23. Another winner!! thanks again Jess for this challenge! so far love, love them! cannot wait to see what's in store for tomorrow! love working out with you…

  24. Loved this one too. I like the slower circuits because I can go heavier weights and really focus on form. I finally got some use out of my 5 lb weights. I got a set for Christmas of 3, 5, and 8 lbs and have never been able to do more than 3 so Yay! That was also after raking the leaves (talk about an upper body workout, LOL) yesterday! Cheers!!!

  25. wow wow wow I am sparkling I am really enjoying this thank you so much Jessica you are fabulous

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