33 Replies to “30-Minute Strength, Cardio, and Pilates Core Workout”

  1. Ça faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas fait cet entraînement ! Il est génial est Kit est tellement pédagogue !

  2. I have scoliosis, so good posture is kind of hard for me sometimes. I tried my hardest with this video, though. I'm sweating everywhere and I feel good.

  3. I definitely honored my body! 🙂 Ugh! Super tough, especially when getting back into the saddle after a decade.

  4. This is my favorite way to wake up, you kicked my ass and it felt great! See you often! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  5. One of my favorite workouts and favorite trainers! Love the stretch series at the end too. You rock, Kit!

  6. I’ve been doing a workout a day for 2 weeks now, and THIS one made me sore! SO GOOD. I had a baby 3 months ago and I’m still carrying an extra 10kgs so I had to modify the pushups and the burpees (I can normally do these properly). Definitely a whole body workout. I’ll be doing this again! … but not today haha

  7. Apparently I’m the only one to notice she didn’t do half the workouts lol. She does one or 2 then gets up and walks around to talk… lol

  8. Just a heads up for anyone else who is accustomed to Ranier or Jake, this is not challenging enough or worth your precious 30 minutes to get in a workout…at least not in comparison, if you're used to those types of half hour sweat sessions. Not complaining, just feedback. 🙂

  9. Perfect combo of strength, cardio, and stretching for this busy working mom. Adding this to my list of favorites!

  10. I love pop sugar …All exercise are amazing.. but trust me it's awesome and challenging too. But I love it …keep it up and provide more videos ….

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