3D Archery – An Outsiders View of Field Archery

3D Archery – An Outsiders View of Field Archery

this weekend 3d archery and try a field archery course hey ready warning for your tree breaker as you know I do feel 3d archery maybe my youtube channel right that's what I do you know I've only done field our true ones and you know fuel our tree at one time was massively popular throughout the United States and it pretty much still is on the national level fair fences got a lot of shooters but not so much in the local level and I'm wondering why the drop off why is there that disconnect is on a national level so maybe some regional I don't know about that local level nothing at least where I'm from and so I thought I'd find out for myself I'm at alone now let me go to a shoot let's see what what's going on and let's look at it from a new point of view I don't know much about field archery like I said only shot on once so let me give you my point of view all right so before we go on let's talk about the place that hosted pootatuck archers here in a ready Connecticut which is right outside damn very they hosted a field Archer shoot that had a fill out your end animal ground I have to say the club is full of great people these are people that love archery they put a lot of time in it working on put a lot of work in the course and it shows they're making great strides you know they're trying to do things are trying to do different things to get the interest in archery so if you're in the area get check them out because they're a great group of people therefore we begin with some terms and didn't know a unit this is the prescribed number of targets for the game being shot around around is two such units or twice around one timber I like this I had for this one timber is a warning called other archers who may be in danger zone announcing that you are ready to shoot and trust another style refers to the type of shooting equipment used by the archer a division refers to the separation of competitive our troops by category like professional master senior master senior adult young adult you think um now when they got no is that all the visions are available to both male and female and the last thing you have know is a class and or flight this refers to the separation of competitors according to their skill levels so those some terms you gotta learn this is this thing filled our tree it's very very different than 3d aren't you okay up next we're gonna go for a few bit more shooting positions big thing you need to know about that is the yardage shall be known from all shooting position stays so whenever you go to a field Archer any you would they have to show you what the yardage is for every snake that you shoot from that's a big change from 3d which is lot of fun businesses all right with that there's different types of fuel our tree this is a brick and this can get complicated but we're just gonna run through briefly and let me tell you if you're really are interested in it please look up the rules it changes I probably got some of this wrong so don't take it as long this is to give you a general idea all right the most common one is called the field rounds standard unit the standard unit shall consist of 14 targets twice around the unit makes it round to such units make it round at the following distances for aero-sub is shot from the same state and they sent this out 15 20 25 and 30 yards at a 35 centimeter target 40 45 and 50 yards at a 50 centimeter target 50 60 and 65 yards and a 65 65 seven-minute I know the following of the four position shots each arrow so we shot in a different position and different target 35 yards at a 50 centimeter target all from the same distance but from different positions 45 40 35 30 yards at a 50 centimeter target 80 70 60 50 yards of 65 Center target 35 30 25 20 feet at the 20 centimeter target right so when I take from this is although the cups are very different the shots are actually the same distances in the same setup so gives you a little bit of familiarity yes you know one club might have the 60 meters shot going uphill the other men have don't know if they're gonna be doing that but each club we're gonna find shoes within those distances shooting rooms each archers will shoot four arrows and each of the 14 target layouts in again in 10 cases this show means shooting four arrows from a single steak and a single target and the other four it may mean either she one arrow from each of the four steaks at a single target or it may even mean shooting all four arrows from a single statement of four separate targets or one arrow from each of the four steaks at either 2 or 4 targets and it just can't come it's just you'll see in the video a lot of it music so what's the scoring well it all changes and depends on what tape you're doing for a championship and feel it's simple the scoring is five points for the spot for for the white circles and three for the black rings in all NF AAA rounds and arrow only needs to touch to be counted for the higher value something I'm against I'm not a fan of that but is there rule they can have fun learning all right the X ray is used to determine tiebreakers we should be determined by the tournament chairman right so there's the basic grows some setups and all that now we know the points and distances and everything else let's move on to the next part all right everybody get ready to laugh there's three of us up there that day Tim's been getting pretty good at this he takes it really serious he has become a field Archer treated us traitors what the hey it's okay he's good at it you know and it's interesting to see how people that take field Archer he's serious how they go off in this direction while traditional archers they're like 3d things that have sort of meander over in this direction and I learned a lot from so let's kick back enjoy a lot of misses on my behalf me competing and if you feel archery round Oh mrs. rice why am I going right there sure I was going right on the end you got white privilege and you know the white guy with money sorry that's all gonna be all day that's that's nothing but paper the one in there alright listen I need you guys to make all the fail houses the targets exactly the same height as the one in the practice range so I at least have a chance we can arrange that for 40 yards I'll try top of the bail house oh just under under well yeah it's a homemade bow right a bulb built in my basement all right I'm about a foot under oh and I want to put over all right we do need 400 in the black all right closer speaking up on it you say got two card boys it's all I care oh look at him look at him coming alive but every black hunter that would have been an X I would it split your arrow it will need a triple ax oh I plucked it but I knew that cards oh yeah but I pluck hard work down I got one in the black one in the white cardboard yep mix between eight and nine and the white are you serious now I turn the hat back all right for giggles forget fourth-year I'll give it a try see what happened the 600 spine with a 145 grand point bring it back well he's got to so I mean it's gonna probably change your sights and all that points thank you there's a good one there Tex oh you should get penalty points you're both way too loud I think I'm kind of plucking it and it's screaming at me could be I said how old pong twins a little low your inline fix that well if the shorter distances I'm in line it's just when I go further back I start it sucks going right on me so I gotta tune it up I just haven't shot a lot decision Oh deadly this answer is both fast man you should see this expect six to ten thousand people where they're gonna be in Wisconsin but its way up by Minnesota up in the northwest corner okay they go hey this one's gonna probably fly a little different I don't tell them that but just yeah just shoot like you normally do don't make no adjustments yet yeah it's a lot lighter yeah I never do top of the bauhaus it's still short I drop my anchor down by my mouth I better go straight why isn't that against field archery rules mm-hmm don't you have to use the same major point all the time you got wood yeah Varian well you always raised never go downs that's just a bad negative connotation in the brain shut yours I don't even know what this is here okay I think this is 15 right no 35 25 feet 13 I'm looking 35 and I'm looking at my my Wow yeah yeah that cause I ain't even a man I'm just pulling another time oh you Jeff you guys you shooting here run back it up shoot again [Applause] I look at it as zero points down to the web I saw I saw it flying with where don't think it the cardboard is I don't see no no shadow well I got the downrange camera on the the bullseye so what are we doing 2 & 2 yeah there's two up there for me there's a blue stake up there we're shooting all four if you want to shoot you if you're shooting traditional you shoot from that stake what stake you shoot from the you stake because that's 50 yards maximum so what group are we shooting here great it's not fair if you want to shoot traditional it's like a club rule for clubs it's not official but oh shoot like a man you shoot from gear be a man I'm trying to be nice to you make your own boat so I don't want to live half Italian I made it I put this in Italian trying to get my wife we're gonna be an Austrian we're gonna be like two hours from Italy Italy Italy I'm gonna put it on the tree branches like Cassiopeia probably get there excuse me that's over here mister I don't know Mike constellations yeah hey you can't hit anything struck mail so I get a shoot where I want when I want that's the only rule I know that's the only rule I know so if your arrow hits something you get another stop yeah it doesn't matter because my Heights is so high I should go to a lower anchor I'm not gonna I'm not gonna risk the not gonna attend one date yeah yeah sure listen we don't talk to nobody who puts putty on their their grip there's a lot to talk crap okay you know silly putty's not allowed on your boat I'm gonna do the Olympic archery anchor here probably point on I'm gonna go down I'm gonna drop my anchor down let's see what happens looks like joining the left I am low and left I've never tried to drop my anger it changes everything for ya so I hid right in front of it in the wood right just short of that would I drop my anchor I bring my gap down about five to six feet that's right was on the index oh you gotta go a lot higher yeah where you know where you're gonna let your arrow decide which one no don't tell me my gender tell me my target [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you see Joe Turner's on your mind they poured the bucket of water so I can shoot [Applause] you know I voted for Trump because he's gonna make yeah no clue it disappeared about halfway I really thought it'd be probably right around it or just passed it yes short to the left yeah yeah that's all I've seen it look I thought it fell right alongside it yeah but he's gonna be right through this door Oh I went to the high I'm going to be stupid trektop just above the paddles a little anchor yeah I'm gonna hit see this one is deceptive physical Oh any question they show Chernobyl maybe watching HBO yeah I lived it I wasn't here from that I remember all the radiation alarms are going on nobody can figure out what the hell and why did they thought it was all everything else the Swedes tracked it down to Russia we're gonna yeah Russians no no every fight here doesn't me [Laughter] short I got you oh you should just do that too oh wait now we're denied it there so let's go right here five ten yard or yeah now just to show you what a real Archer does stand up real hard shoots ten what do you want me to sit on there I go I'm gonna sit doesn't you want you have this you want this Tim no I want you to stand you know they have sealed our truce she can't take us trade archers anywhere Kenya my place to sleep in kindergarten was next to the piano just so you know I still remember that after all these years that you shoot off are mine I could cook food for a homeless family faster than you shoot there Tim yeah but look at my group there pal what about it just as many places my thought it's just only one or one or two of them this is all right right yeah the ones pretty good yeah I think I was working that day I remember having it on my calendar I was open the original date but the rain date the rain did I couldn't make so I went during the week what Mike said Bella I think I shot that Tim sandy watched my video I still occasionally watch them occasionally see that people traitor and you want them on my videos usually watching yeah well boring yeah it suit my friend no I want to see your leak I like how you pull like everything out of your basement they have and you're like I'm gonna make a review of this I've had it for 10 years [Laughter] greg's you bought that like five years ago yeah listen one year so I had to test it and I like you guys these variable guys shoot at once and put a review out on it I test it for a long-term durability you go you can rely on them like that got that went too fast but I should stick it stick the indoor shooting for 20 yards should be an indoor Archer that's what I am and then you should make a video challenge dedicated to that oh nice no really really crappy right they have it everybody not my best day but you know what I didn't think I was gonna do well anyways I went out there to have fun so let's talk about some things that I found right first thing I found filled our treat is no place for instinctive right that's what I shot no I don't want gap I set my bows up for 3d we point on at 30 hours you know and we're not shooting anything past that 40s I could make it Wayne but 50 60 70 s of 80 hours I had no clue no clue whatsoever weird a whole what to do or anything like that you know so that's the big thing for me an aiming method so you can use and you can set up for those distances will give you a huge advantage over those people like me just trying to shake the stink the other thing I learned is real simple which I'm your going in was that I had the wrong setup and the wrong gear right my boat was set up for 30 years for point on I was angry way too high for this when I started doing those bankers here I started dropping it down here back down to the conventional ones so I can get some smaller gaps so my mind I can start working with it I used my normal arrows which were way too heavy I'm sorry I use the lighter else in the normal ones because my 3ds are 500 grains of Awesomeness and I knew that wasn't going to work so I took my lighter ones which were 300 grains and you know that didn't help a whole lot either but you know I understand now why these guys all stress out trying to get it all perfect to the system it's all set it never changes you know exactly what you're going to do so you can set it up something like a 3d word in the 3d course you never know what you're going to get all you know is roughly the max distance that's not a competition from the fun lunch you have no clothes the other thing is I don't think wooden bows are your best choice why to nobility big thing that I seen up there was Tim was shooting off to the right all I did click click on that bugger and I moved his arrows right back over me I'm shooting to the right I'm like well I better bring my hair over here let's see what happens right again it's if you want to compete there's certain things that really go along with it and if I was to do it seriously field archery well this what I would do first thing I do is get an ILF bow all right now to just not find those distances mark it all up and then I just string walking okay so you're always pointing on I think that's a huge huge advantage for it and I'd also make my heralds just forward so it's like anything else if you want to win a drag race you don't bring a commuter caller I think you're gonna stand up to anybody the drag race car is very different than a NASCAR and an oval track are nowhere trackpad is very different than a road racing car and just because you have one you might do okay but you're not going to be competitive that's what I'm out comes down alright so up next let's look at some things that I liked about alright every some of the things I liked about that aren't you one it's outdoors I love being outdoors shooting indoors of me is it I would prefer to be outdoors that's all I gotta say I'm the variety of terrain I like that and change things up I like that I don't like but I don't like is this the same thing over and over yeah I know that's great for consistent is it's just not what I enjoy I enjoy it with a difference in to pair up train mr. Ferrari any shots I'm uphill some downhill it's on this and some back I also like to get four shots per target why didn't I like that well let me work done it you know cool first one if we didn't move steaks they go okay hit there so let me try here you know that's what I enjoyed I enjoyed that type of processing for figuring things out and I also enjoyed for doing this is known yardage you know alright I'm at 45 pardon well that's my point of 45 oh you know I sort of work my gaps up longer on we win now what didn't I like about well the distances I'm sorry why in the world are my student at 80 your honors 70 her assistant I have to sit there a little too far know if you're under that that's fine for me I just didn't like the distances I also didn't like that every shot had to be totally open if your arrow hits anything you get to shoot it over again if you clip our branch to New York which it didn't a couple of them to get you know I didn't because you know what that's like that's how sometimes that gets them away and I did I stood like that another thing I had to be clear everything's clear there's you know all there was me in the target I understand the draw of that for many it's just not a draw for me and the other thing they had our time was with the confusing rules I understand I'm new and I understand why they're as complex as they are but you know that can be a reason why people aren't coming if they can't put their head around all those rules all right everybody it's all put together let's put finishing it solo put it tuck archers did a great job create people and I hope they build it it's gonna take a lot of work we'd all gotta know that you're here about pros and cons but just remember those are personal opinions and they mean nothing you know the Philbert use your game it you'll see this ring I want to get that a try I'm glad to help or if you watch it you said oh I don't know about that listen go try it before you judge don't judge it off an idiot like me make it all right I went out and I tried it I've done it twice now I'm gonna probably do it a couple more times but I can tell you right now I prefer 3d well that's it saying it once better once words I just prefer 3d all right boys and girls had a lot of fun it's great shooting with Tim fun trying field archery all right I mean I know I'm not good at I didn't expect to be good and I did hate it once in a while all right thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time with an all-new have some 3d archery

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  1. It is very easy to learn with you,you explain everything very well,so every day I try to be the best archer

  2. Yet another outstanding video Greg! We had such a good time together with policeman Jeff. You were such a good sport to come out and give field another try. I can totally understand why Trad archers find it so difficult, it is completely different from 3D. The majority of our members shoot compound because they can get out to the longer distances. Even shooting barebow is a hell of a challenge. It has taken me two years just to get all of my equipment tuned to the point where I have a chance of hitting the paper at the 55-80 yd targets. I love shooting anything…indoor 300 &450, 3D, field and animal rounds, random hikers…like you, I just love this sport. Hunters gravitate towards 3D, and target archers prefer field. Both are endlessly fun and challenging if you really get into it. That being said, you have to admit that field is the pinnacle of the sport…..just sayin'.
    We are putting out a European style 3D course next year on the animal side. So y'all come back now, ya hear!

  3. Wheres the black hunter bow? Very hard to get the gap shooting at sooo many different yardages. Good shooting guys!!!!

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